SCICAN Statim 5000 G4 Autoclave Sterilizer w 1 Cassette

SCICAN Statim 5000 G4 Autoclave Sterilizer w 1 Cassette & Warranty.
New, Open Box
The box has been opened, we have tested the unit to ensure it is working and have also verified all of the contents included.  This system retails for over $6700!

Our best price US$4,700. Feel free to asked me any questions at

We will ship worldwide.

STATIM 5000 G4

STATIM’S Speed Removable and Portable Cassette: STATIM sterilizes hand pieces and instruments for immediate use in as little as 6 minutes. The removable cassette facilitates aseptic transport of unwrapped instruments directly to point-of-use.

Increases Efficiency: Fast point-of-use sterilization makes turnaround a priority, increasing efficiency and virtually eliminates instrument bottlenecks.

Gentle on Instruments: Our state-of-the-art steam technology is gentle on both solid and hollow instruments. Now, there’s a STATIM that’s perfect for every practice.

Immediate Steam Generation: Unlike conventional autoclaves that need to heat an entire reservoir of water, STATIM uses only a small, specific amount of water required for each cycle. Water is introduced into a heating device referred to as a ‘steam generator’, rapidly heated and converted to steam in mere seconds.

Air Removal: Using PPPD technology and our patented steam injection STATIM process – air is automatically forced out of the STATIM sterilization chamber.

Cassette System: The thin stainless steel walls of STATIM’s fully-removable cassette (or sterilization chamber) allow for rapid heating and cooling of the chamber. As a result, STATIM meets the conditions for sterilization and drying in a fraction of the time required by a conventional autoclave.

Connect: There’s nothing like the STATIM networked portal. In addition to viewing your STATIM’s current operations, you can also access cycle history, printing and validation information and sterilization records. If there is ever a cycle fault, the STATIM G4 can send email directly to your office and also to your dealer to let qualified technicians know that servicing is required.

Drying Technology: The STATIM 2000 G4 and 5000 G4 have each been designed to provide you with a complete solution: rapid sterilization balanced by rapid drying. Introducing STATIM Dri-Tec drying technology.

Dri-TecC: Convection Heat Drying Technology. The STATIM 2000 G4 uses convection heat to dry instruments by utilizing the remaining heat in the system after the sterilization phase. Heat is captured and released into the cassette, drying wrapped instrument loads in as little as 10 minutes.

Dri-TecR: Radiant Heat Drying Technology. The STATIM 5000 G4 uses heat generated by the sterilization cycle which is ‘absorbed’ by unique drying plates located in the sterilization chamber. Heat is transferred from the drying plates directly to instruments resulting in accelerated, full load drying in as little as 15 minutes.

Unit size (L x W x H): 23.6” x 16.1” x 7.5” or 60 cm x 41 cm x 19 cm
Cassette internal dimensions: 15” x 7” x 3” or 38 cm x 18 cm x 7.5 cm
Weight without water: 73 lbs/33 kg
Power consumption: 115 V, 50/60 Hz, 15A / 1450 WSTATIM



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