VATECH Dental Imaging System RVG Intraoral Digital X-ray EZ Classic SIZE 1.5

VATECH Dental imaging system RVG Intraoral Digital X-ray EZ SENSOR Classic SIZE 1.5

My best price US$2,100 (free shipping worldwide) Please click here for more details

Please contact me at for more details. 6 unit left in stock. Brand new. Full warranty.



Simply Unique, Classic & Comfortable

Unique size 1.5 most suitable for paedo & adults both
Thinnest Possible Sensor in The World with just 4.8 mm Thickness
Easily placed sensor in the molar area of patient’s Mouth
Cut corners & Rounded edges ensures easy positioning & Optimal patient comfort

Superior & Detailed Image Quality
Get more detailed Image due to innovative Technology: Hybrid CMOS with FOS layer
34% more Active Area (24 *33) due to its unique size
17 lp/mm high resolution ensures crystal clear Image Quality

Hi Speed Direct USB type
Ensures faster data transfer to speed up your work flow
Saving your valuable 10-15 minutes time unlike waiting for film output

EzDent-i : The Most Power full imaging software
Easy to use & manage patient data
EzCodi : A Powerful consultation tool consists of set of animated videos of clinical cases,
Enables diagnosis & consultation at same time
Enhanced patient understanding & satisfaction results more treatment

Technical specifications :

Detector – CMOS
Pixel Size – 29.6 µm
Theoretical Resolution – 17 lp/mm
Dynamic Range – 12 bit
Active Area (WxL) – Size 1.5 _ 24 x 33mm
Dimensions (WxLxT) – Size 1.5 _ 29.2 x 39.5mm (1.14 x 1.55 inch)
Thickness – 4.8 mm (0.19 inch)
Cable Length – 2.7 meter

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