Buehler IsoMet 5000 Linear Precision Saw

Almost New. My best price US$5250. Free shipping worldwide. Contact us at sales@bastmed.com

30 days moneyback return. 6 month warranty.

Buehler IsoMet 5000 Linear Precision Saw.
Was designed for cutting various material types with miminal deformation. 1 micron sample postitioning allows for precise sectioning of specimens. User selectable feed rate allows for ultimate versatility.

Simple to operate, automatic precision saw
SmartCut™ adjusts feed rate to elimate damage to system or sample
Rotating vise for larger samples
Compatible with external recirculating system
1.25HP motor

(includes 7in [178mm] IsoCut® Blade for sectioning ferrous alloys and superalloys, 7″ abrasive wheels, T-slot table, automatic dressing system, dressing stick, Cool 2 Fluid, 2 sets of flanges and the following chucks:  irregular specimen, single saddle and 1.25in [32mm] round specimen).

IsoMet Family

The IsoMet 4000 & 5000 Precision Saws cut materials with minimal specimen deformation and low kerf loss. The IsoMet 4000 & 5000 saws feature a manual blade positioning knob that accelerates setup while clamping a specimen in a large unrestricted workspace. A wide selection of vises allow the user to precisely section virtually any material including metals, ceramics, composites, cements, laminates, plastics, electronic components, and biomaterials.

Features and Benefits

Large open workspace workspace provides excellent visibility during cutting and unrestricted access while clamping the specimen
Linear feed mechanism with variable feed rate sections even the most delicate specimens
Automated sectioning enhances lab productivity
Versatile vising and blade options provide optimal sectioning for any shape specimen
Manual blade positioning for quick setup and retraction
SmartCut system monitors and adjusts feed rates to enhance surface quality and prevent damage to specimen or machine

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