Hewlett Packard HP 6890 GC system G1530A

Hewlett Packard 6890 Gas Chromatograph with FPD & NPD Detectors G1530A
Agilent 7683 Series Injector G2613A
Agilent 7683 Series Auto Sampler G2614A

Total Runs 5819

I will ship worldwide. Please contact me at sales@bastmed.com My best price US$5,100

60 days money back returns. 6 month warranty for parts.



Data communications

HP-IB, RS-232-C, and two analog output channels (1-mV, 1-V, and 10-V output available) as standard
INET interface optional

Heated zones

Independent heated zones, not including oven: six (two inlets, two detectors, and two auxiliary)
Maximum operating temperatures for auxiliary zones: 400° C

Column oven

Operating temperature: 4° C above ambient to 450° C
Temperature setpoint resolution: 1° C
Maximum run time: 999.99 min
Programming ramps/plateaus: 6/7


All inlets include septum purge.
Split/splitless: electronic flow, 400° C max, electronic entry of pressure or flow and split ratio version.
Pressure setting range: 0-100 psi
Total flow setting range: split/splitless, 0-200 ml/min N2, 0-1000 ml/min H2 or He

Detectors: All detectors include electronic on/off of all detector gases.

450° C maximum operating temperature
Automatic flame ignition from the keypad or ChemStation
Flame out detection
MDL: <5 pg carbon/s as propane using N2 carrier and 0.2794-mm jet
Linear dynamic range: < 10%, 107 with N2 carrier and 0.2794-mm jet


400° C maximum operating temperature
Automatic baseline adjusting via keypad or ChemStation
MDL: <0.4 pg N/s, <0.2 pg P/s with azobenzene/malathion mixture
Selectivity: 35000 to 1 gN/gC, 75000 to 1 gP/gC with azobenzene/malathion/ octadecane
Dynamic range: >105 N >105 P with azobenzene/malathion mixture


400° C maximum operating temperature
Single filament with microcell
MDL: <400 pg propane/ml He caxrier (MDL may be affected by laboratory environment.)
Linear dynamic range: 105 (5%)


Equipped with anode purge for contamination resistance
400° C maximum operating temperature
Makeup gas types: argon (5%)/methane, nitrogen
Radioactive source: 15 mCi 63Ni plated
MDL: <0.04 pg/s lindane
Dynamic range: > 104 with lindane

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