CTC Analytics HTS PAL Autosampler Leap Technologies

CTC Analytics HTS PAL Autosampler Leap Technologies.

Autosampler system has been made to run through several test runs. All motors have been cycle tested and rails lubricated. No binding has occurred on any axis during the testing phase. The robotic head can move to any component on the unit without obstruction. Unit is in good condition.

My best price US$3,900 Will ship worldwide. email me for more details at sales@bastmed.com

This autosampler systemhas with minimal blemishes and is shown to be fully operational.


Windows 7 Laptop with PAL loader software

CTC Analytics LEAP Technologies PAL

2 – 1000ml wash bottles

CTC Analytics MV 02-01A Valve 2 way

6 Drawer Stack Cooler MT MC 05-01 Rev. G with power supply and programmable thermostat (MN 03-00)

4.16A power supply

PAL CTC controller

All power and communication cables needed for this setup

Liquid Chromatography Type
Holds 12 microplates
Setup for a 100ul syringe
Injection Method – MV 02-01A 2 position valve drive
6 drawer microplate coolstack
96 or 384 microplates can be used

The video demonstration begins with a virtual tour of the system. Next, PAL software releases control of the PAL and unit initializes. Once initialization is complete the job is selected. The head then moves to the coolstack and opens top drawer. Head then moves to well #1 of the 1st microplate position. The syringe holder then simulates a draw of 100ul from the well. The head then injects into the 2 way valve. From the valve, the head moves to wash station #1 and simulates a wash cycle. The head moves back to the valve and performs a purge cycle.


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