Cadwell Cascade IONM System

The Cadwell Cascade IONM System is in very good condition and certified to proper operating specifications. System includes laptop loaded with Windows 7 and latest version Cadwell IOM software, 16 channel amplifier, ES-5 5 channel stimulator, base unit, 4 input pods, interconnecting cables and travel case.

Warranty: 1 year Parts & Labor.

Used Condition. Perfect working. 60 days money back return.

1 year warranty for parts. For quick order and details, please email me at

The Cadwell Cascade is a powerful, multi-modality system capable of performing EP (including SEP, TceMP, BAEP, VEP), free-run EMG, stimulated EMG, EEG, and train of 4 tests simultaneously. The Cascade can also be used clinically for multi-channel evoked potential testing and other applications. The Cascade was designed with portability as a priority. The base unit weighs only 4.25 lbs. The Cascade can be configured with a laptop computer for portability or as a desktop PC-based system.

The Cascade amplifier utilizes crosspoint technology. This unique technology provides the flexibility of a referential amplifier with the super quiet qualities of a true differential amplifier. It is set as a 16 channel / 32 input configuration. Dynamic montaging allows any combination of inputs be connected to a channel for unlimited channel utilization. Each channel has independent gain, hi-cut, and lo-cut filter controls. Extensive shielding minimizes interference associated with long electrode cables.

Input extenders effectively place the amplifier inputs closer to the electrode site. The patented shielding in our cable significantly reduces noise and allows the use of shorter electrode cable lengths. The main amplifier may be placed away from the operating table without any loss of signal fidelity or increase in interference. Each patented extender has 8 inputs plus 1 ground with a molded shielded cable.

The Cascade has a variety of electrical stimulator options to suit a wide range of needs. Cascade stimulators display actual current delivered so you always know how much current is being delivered to the patient.


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