JANUS II Facial Analysis System

Brand New Condition. Full warranty 3 years.

For more details and quick order, please email me at sales@bastmed.com

¤The system that capture and analyze the whole face … of customer.

¤High image quality by using embedded lens on the … 14.0 mega pixel digital compact camera.

¤By Using 3 kinds of light sources *(NL, PL, UV), … Possible to precise measurement.

¤Input power AC100V ~ AC220V (Free Voltage).

¤The winding of skin like texture, pore and wrinkles can be seen obviously in the normal light, … pigmentation and acne in the polarized light, and sebum, porphyrin, pigmentation and keratin … in the ultraviolet light.

¤The precise measurement of keratin, Pore, Wrinkles, Freckle and Sebum is possible.

¤You could compare the images taken by 3 kinds of light sources and previous images … already taken with 1, 2 and 3 partition screen.

¤You could confirm the skin trouble at a glance by the image that extracted from only a skin … trouble on the whole face.

¤Connect with computer by using USB.

Hardware Characteristics:
  • Realize high-resolution image by using rapid 14.0 mega pixels camera unlike the other … company’s products.
  • 3 kinds of light sources such as nomal, polarized and ultraviolet light can draw precise results … about each diagnosis factor.
  •  Long life span and clear image by using flash type light not lamp type.
  • Minimized shade by arranging two light sources in one light source.
  • Applied the know-how that hold back the light directly reflected in the … normal light could you get clear image even if in the normal light.
  • Adopted most proper optical parts and filters as a optical company … can you get high-resolution image.
  • Easy capturing right, left and front side of face with a rotating … forehead prop and a separated jaw prop.
  • Automatically operate with built-in special microprocessor.
  • Special cart moving up and down helps easy analysis for customers.
  • Easy manipulating condition with computer by using USB port.
Software Characteristics:
  • Easy to use with simple analysis flow operating all automatically.
  • Draw the results of whole process automatically after capturing the customer’s face.
  • Offer the program for each diagnosis factor which is maximized the function of 3 kinds of light sources(NL, PL, UV).
  • After analyzing pore and wrinkles with normal light, on the whole image shows a vivid image only extracted from pore and wrinkles.
  • After analyzing pigmentation, on the whole image shows a vivid image only extracted from pigmentation.   After analyzing pigmentation, sebum and porphyrin, on the whole image shows a vivid image only extracted from pigmentation, sebum and porphrin.
  • Shows skin color and skin tone on the each part with a normal and polarized light.
  • Possible to gain exact database because the computer select and carry out the precise measuring section of each customer’s face by itself.
  • Produce each part data automatically dividing forehead, nose, left cheek, right cheek, under the left eye, under the right eye, left side eye and right side eye of the face.
  • You could analyze before and after treatment or massage several times even if one day and find out the difference.
  • Can see skin section on 3D solid screen.
  • Can take 2 or 3 partition screen and compare before and after at the same time.
  • Can select various language version such as english, japanese, chinese and so on.
  • Can see customer’s history and print-out the customer’s analysis results.


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