Used Sciton Joule For Sale

Ship worldwide.

Very perfect condition. 2012Mfg. 30 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts. Price US$43,900

For mode details and quick order, please email me at



Product Description

Sciton Joule For Sale
Year: 2012
Make: Sciton
Model: Joule
Condition: Excellent
Category: Yag
Sciton Joule systems include the following parts:

Collimated handpiece: 2mm for 2940 nm and 3mm for 755 nm and 1064 nm, Collimated handpiece: 4mm for 2940 nm and 6mm for 755 nm, 1064 nm and 1319 nm

FIRST CONTOUR TRL Module: 2940 nm Er:YAG Laser

BBL broadband pulsed light module, SKINTYTE -II module

420 Blue filter 515, 560, 590 skin rejuvenation option 590, 640, 695 hair removal option 15x15mm square adapter

11mm round adapter
7mm round adapter
Large SmoothEdge adapter (45x15mm)
Small SmoothEdge adapter (15x15mm)
PROF-XC Module 2940nm – (430micron accelerated with thermal control) LAPG TELECENTRIC SCANNER: for 2940 nm Contour TRL and MLP applications

Other Accessories Also Included:

Buffalo Filter Smoke Evacuator
Cyro 6
(4) Operator Eyewear
Patient Eyewear
Operator eyewear
Patient eyewear
Power cord
Remote interlock
Software upgrade will run the new Halo

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