2008 Millennium Dental Technologies PerioLase MVP-7 FR Laser for Soft Tissue

Very perfect condition. 2008 Mfg. 30 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts. Ship worldwide. Best price US$16,750

For mode details and quick order, please email me at sales@bastmed.com

This item appears to be in excellent used cosmetic condition and in great working mechanical condition.




  • 6 Watt free roaming
  • 7 preset pulse durations from 100 to 650 microseconds
  • bendable handpiece cannula
  • digital tablet control system


  • specifically designed for LANAP and all other soft tissue procedures
  • powerful operation
  • allows for optimum ablation and homostatis
  • easily access the distal aspect of molars
  • enhanced performance and reliability

Manufactured by Millennium Dental Technologies.

Power requirements: 110-240V, 8A, 50-60Hz
Serial number: PL 08832
Model: PerioLase MVP-7

Your purchase will include the 2008 PerioLase MVP-7 Dental Laser System with:

  • 1 Millenium foot pedal
  • 1 Millennium shield for control panel
  • 1 Millennium car for LANAP machine with drawer for supplies
  • 2 Millennium LANAP protective wear glasses and cleaning cloth( 1 for doctor and 1 for assistant)
  • 1 LANAP patient protective wear glasses
  • 1 LANAP snap on glasses protective wear and cleaning cloth
  • 1 Innovative Optics shield (still new in plastic)
  • 3 red Millennium True Flex handpieces
  • 1 yellow Millennium True Flex handpiece
  • 5 new Millennium handpiece tips
  • 5 used Millennium handpiece tips
  • 4 new Millennium cleaves
  • 2 used Millennium cleaves
  • 1 LANAP white defuser
  • 1 LANAP danger sign
  • 1 Millennium operators manual
  • 1 PerioLase MVP-7 user’s guide
  • 1 Millennium laser cleave
  • 1 new Millennium Dental 300UM dental fiber(yellow)
  • 1 new Millennium Dental 400UM dental fiber (orange)
  • 8 Millennium Dental 360UM dental fibers
  • 1 Millennium storage box
  • 2 pages of service notes

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