Sciton Profile Laser BBL treatment IPL 2007 For Sale

Very perfect condition. 2007 Mfg. 30 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts.

For mode details and quick order, please email me at

Ship worldwide. best price US$15,800



Product Description

Sciton Profile laser selectively targets your hair follicles and heats them with infrared energy. Unlike other processes, our laser beam treats many hairs at once, making treatment of large areas practical and more comfortable. Sciton Profile Laser employs a unique computer-guided scanning system that automates the treatment, ensuring that your skin is rapidly and evenly treated.

Sciton Profile Laser the computer sets the parameters and places the beam in an optimum pattern for your skin to ensure a safe, fast, effective and gentle treatment. Permanent Sciton Profile Laser hair reduction may take up to 6 treatments and is done in intervals of 6-8 weeks. Sciton Profile Laser Hair Reduction is safe and effective for all skin types.

The Sciton Profile Laser BBL treatment is one of the most advanced Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Systems available on the market. This treatment is often referred to as IPL, Photo-rejuvenation or as the “Photofacial.” Our “Photofacial” is a very safe treatment that can lift irregular spots of pigment or discoloration over 5-14 days, depending on the area treated. The texture of your skin will also be improved, yielding younger and fresher looking skin.

Sciton Profile Laser BBL treatments are ideal for brown spots, age spots, red spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation, redness, flushing, acne, Rosacea, and facial spider veins.

Sciton Profile Laser vascular laser treatments, using the Sciton Profile laser, can eliminate or improve the appearance of unsightly veins, telangiectasia, rosacea & redness. All skin areas can be treated. Popular areas for laser vein treatments are the face, neck, chest and legs.

Used Sciton Profile

Year: 2007
Make: Sciton
Model: Profile
Condition: Excellent
Shot Count: Very Low
Profile Modular Platform
Single 1064-nm ND:YAG laser
TRL Module: 2940-nm Er:YAG laser
Skin Tyte accessory
420 Blue filter
515, 560, 590 skin rejuvenation option
590, 640, 695 hair removal option
15mm x 15mm adapter
11 mm adapter
7 mm adapter
LAPG Telecentric Scanner: 2940nm
HighFluence Integrated Scanner for ClearScan/ThermaScan
250 Watt Thermoelectric Cooling System

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