AMO Abbott Medical Optics IntraLase Laser Excimer FS60 Model 2 60Hz Femtosecond Laser System

Unit is in excellent working condition.90 days money back return.

1 year warranty for parts. For more details and quick order, please email me at We ship worldwide Our best price US$59,500 Please make an offer!


By replacing the blade commonly used for corneal flap creation with a femtosecond laser, AMO® has made LASIK eye surgery safer than ever before. The IntraLase™ FS Laser System delivers micron-level accuracy 100% greater than a microkeratome for more accurate and consistent flap thickness — which is critical for a successful LASIK outcome.

Retrospective analysis comparing LASIK results with IntraLase™ FS Technology versus the two leading microkeratomes demonstrated that IntraLase™ FS Laser System performed better in three areas important to LASIK results and safety: flap thickness, induced astigmatism, and cell injury. There are fewer flap-related complications with the IntraLase Method:

Minimal risk of sight-threatening events (free caps, globe penetration, buttonhole flaps, decentered flaps, and/or incomplete cuts)
No risk of corneal abrasion
Reduced risk of dry eye
IntraLase™ enabled keratoplasty gives surgeons the ability to precisely create uniquely shaped corneal incisions — opening a new era in corneal transplantation and delivering the potential for faster healing and improved visual recovery. Leading corneal surgeons have demonstrated that this technology advancement enables:

Surgeons to create straight, angled and arcuate incisions within the cornea
Multiplanar custom incisions with hermetic sealing properties that require less suture tension
Less suture tension can result in less astigmatism1
Multiplanar custom incisions provide larger wound surface area for stronger healing
Laser resectioning that produces more rapid healing
Earlier suture removal and rapid visual rehabilitation

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