ESAOTE S-SCAN MRI Scanner 2010

Very perfect condition. 2010 Mfg. 30 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts.

For mode details and quick order, please email me at

Price US$16,850 Ship worldwide.


2010 ESAOTE MRI model S-SCAN
2010 extremity MRI with Lumbar Spine and Cervial Spine package. S-Scan provides high quality MR image of the spine, elbow, wrist, hand, knee, ankle and foot. Maintenance-free open permanent magnet, 0.25 Tesla field strength, Stand-alone system with small foot print, can be installed in a single room of 18 m2, Low Power Consumption: less than 3 Kw in normal 220/110V power outlet, Ergonomic rotating patient table with 200 kg capacity, Complete set of dedicated optimized coils, All imaging sequences used in MSK settings, Full set of pre-defined sequences and protocols, User defined sequences and customized examination protocols, Multi planar scout, Extensive image viewing, analysis and elaboration tools, Remote Service Capability.

The S-SCAN Magnet: C-shaped permanent magnet in neodymium with .25T field strength, Generous opening of 15” to accommodate larger patients, Vertical field for higher SNR and improved image quality, Fast gradient coils with +/-20 mTm gradient strength, 0.8 ms rise time (from 0 to +20 mTm, Real time positioning module with LCD, Internal Thermostatic control system, Radio frequency transmission coil.

S-SCAN RF system: Features a highly uniform and powerful RF system capable of meeting the demands of a busy MRI practice. It has 2- 1050 watt RF amplifiers and passive receive coils, expediting patient positioning and imagining parameter flexibility.

Includes RF coils: DPA Shoulder Coil, Shoulder Coil , DPA Knee Coil , DPA Hand wrist coil, DPA Foot and Ankle coil and Flexible Multi-Purpose Coil.

SPINE PACKAGE includes 3 spine coils for optimized imaging of cervical and lumbar spine. DPA Lumbar Spine Coils (2) and Cervical Spine Coil (1)

Software release 9.8.
Introduces new advanced sequences developed specifically for the S-scan: XBone NEW fat water separation technique, SE T1 better image quality, GE T2*FC optimized sequence, 3D HYCE new maximizes contrast between CSF, Spinal Cords and nerve roots, FSE STRI new fat suppression for spine exams, STIR T2 weighted new highest sensitivity to bone edema, FAST Sin echo T1 NEW now available for T1 weighted images, GE T2*FC optimized sequence, SE T1 better image quality. DICOM: Media exchange for archiving images on CD Rom or DVD, in Dicom, Dir Modality (“export” function), Print management SCU for DICOM print, Worklist management: S-scan accepts DICOM patient list directly from HIS/RIS. MAGNETIC COMPENSTATION MODULE: Special device that may allow the installation of S-Scan in difficult sites where there are variations in the external magnetic field caused by moving metal nearby(elevator, train or by AC). Includes :CUSTOM SHIELDING PAVILION

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