Very perfect condition. 2010 Mfg. 90 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts.

For mode details and quick order, please email me at

Ship worldwide. Best Price US$ 9,500

Specifications –
Temporary Image Hold: 512 Images
Snapshot Capabilities
Frame Rate: 30fps
Edge Enhancement
Laser Alignment Device
Flat Detector –
Decetor Resolution: 2k x 1.5k
Nominal Width: 6″ (15cm)
Useful Array: 145mm x 115mm
Pixel Spacing: 75 Microns
DQE at 59.5 KeV: 70%
X-Ray Monoblock –
Focal Spot: 50 Microns
Kv Range: 40 – 70kVp

Mobile DI Dimensions –
Weight: 15kg
Height: 64 cm
Depth: 48 cm
Width: 30 cm
Accessory Cart Dimensions –
Weight: 44kg
Height: 168 cm
Depth: 99 cm
Width: 61 cm

To Include:
Operator’s Manual
Transport Case
Positioning Guide

Please Note: This unit is in a very good condition, and has had minimal use since purchase from new in 2010.



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