2012 Mfg. In perfect working. 90 days money back return policy. For more questions, please email me at sales@bastmed.com We will ship worldwide. Our best price US$17,500.00

Quick order / more details and photos and questions, email me sales@bastmed.com

Product Features
Rapid and efficient solvent evaporation
– Low temperature, low pressure steam heating technology facilitates fast evaporation and precise temperature control
– Five times faster than conventional sample evaporators
– Dri-Pure™ technology prevents solvent bumping and cross contamination Genevac AutoStop feature for automated end point detection
Easy to operate
– Easy to use controls and software
– Walk-away automation
– Eliminates manual sample transfers
– Flip-flop system automates sample transfer from ASE vials
– SampleGenie™ enables samples to be concentrated or dried directly into storage or autosampler vials
Enhanced laboratory productivity
– Unattended evaporation/concentration of up to 18 ASE tubes or 6 large-volume 450 mL flasks
– Eco-friendly green technology
– Two-stage cold trap allows high solvent recovery
  • Max rotor speed: 1,800rpm
  • Max sample acceleration: 700G
  • Drive system: Direct
  • Max rotor imbalance: 40g
  • Type: Dual Glass Coil
  • Powered by: cold water / glycol mix
  • Maximum coolant pressure: 7 bar (static)
  • Minimum flow rate: 1 litre per minute
  • Maximum flow rate: 2 litres per minute
  • Maximum coolant temp: 15°C
  • Minimum coolant temp: -15°C (+5°C if solvent may Freeze)
  • Solvent Level detection: Visual
Vacuum System
  • Inner chamber pressure: 3 -1000 mbar
  • Display resolution: 0.1mbar
  • Outer chamber pressure: 3 -1000 mbar
  • Display resolution: 1mbar
  • Vacuum control: Solenoid valve
  • Dri-Pure: Yes
  • Ultimate system vacuum: 3mbar
  • Vacuum chamber water: Deionised: resistivity 50,000 to 1 megohm at pH >6.5 and particulate free. 250ml
Vacuum Pump
  • Type: 4 head diaphragm
  • Maximum vacuum: 2mbar
Unit’s Specifics
Make: Genevac/ SP Scientific
Model: Rocket Chemi
Model No.: RKCM-23050-SNN
Display Software: V1.14
Control Software: V1.01
Update Manager: V1.01
Date of Manufacture: Mar 2012
Type: Centrifugal Evaporator/ Evaporation system
Configured with:
  • Strobe light feature
Comes with:
  • 2 Sample flasks
  • 4 Blanking plugs
  • Waste solvent container
  • Julabo FL601 Re-circulating Chiller (v2.12)
  • Genevac Manual (Hardcopy)
  • Julabo Chiller Manual (Hardcopy)
Note: You will receive the actual unit shown. Comes with all hoses, cables, components, accessories shown
This unit is used and in clean, well-maintained, excellent physical condition. It powers up successfully as shown, Menu and Strobe Control knobs are tested to be fully responsive; Strobe light is tested to work and Chiller communicates successfully with the Evaporator. The system was pulled from a working lab environment recently. As we do not have the technical expertise to further test the unit, we are selling it on an “AS IS BASIS”. 
We ship worldwide. Please email us for a shipping quote

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