Beckman Coulter Biomek FX Automated Dual Arm Liquid Handler

Beckman Coulter Dual Arm Biomek FX Automated Liquid Handler

Unit in excellent condition. 30 days money back return policy. 1 year warranty for parts in future.

For more details and quick order, please email me at

Free shipping worldwide. best price US$ 5,775.00

Unit was powered on and homed. After passing all self-tests, the 96 head was loaded with P250 tips and the function of the 96 head was tested for alignment and ability to transfer liquid. After verification, the Span 8 head was tested the same way for it’s ability to transfer and dispense liquid, as well as accuracy. After verification a short method was created to show the Biomek working.

This system is equipped with two robotic arms. The first arm is setup for a multi probe head (multi probe head not included) with grippers and the second is a Span 8 pipette channels.

The Span 8 pipettes have 1-8 channels.

The Span 8 pipettes have 1ml syringes allowing for draws up to 1000ul.

This unit is used to process a variety of lab ware. The Span 8 pipettes can be used to process many types of lab ware including microplates, test tubes and micro vials.

– Biomek Fx sample preparation system
– Auto tip loader
– 16 raised microplate position carrier
– Tip wash station for Span 8 tips
– Multiprobe head tip wash
– One cooling position that can reach 0 oC
–  Dell laptop running Windows with Biomek Software version 3.3 installed
– All power and communication cables

 photo 07646 -- 1.jpg    photo 07646 -- 8.jpg   photo 07646 -- 9.jpg   photo 07646 -- 10.jpg   photo 07646 -- 11.jpg     photo 07646 - 3.jpg  photo 07646 - 4.jpg        photo 07646 - 11.jpg  photo 07646 - 12.jpg   photo 07646 - 14.jpg    photo 07646 - 17.jpg  photo 07646 - 18.jpg  photo 07646 - 19.jpg     photo 07646 - 23.jpg  photo 07646 - 24.jpg

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