CYNOSURE Pinpointe Footlaser Laser – YAG 2013

The PinPointe Footlaser is a clinically proven laser device specifically designed for the temporary increase of clear nail in patients with onychomycosis, or nail fungus. Though other medicated options are available, PinPointe poses none of the risk or harmful side effects that often result from these alternatives. PinPointe Footlaser treatments can convenient be performed in-office and typically take about 30 minutes to perform.

In perfect condition, great workinf. I offer 30 days money back return policy, and 1 year warranty for parts in future.

For more details, please email me Will ship worldwide.

Price US$7,750


1- Wand Assembly
2- Safety Glasses
1- Interlock Plug
1- Power cord
1- Foot switch
1- Fiber Optics Cable
1- Fiber Port cap w/ chain connect
1- Cleavers
1- Fiber stripper
1- Handpiece
1- Guide Tip
1- Quick check
1- Set of keys



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