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The Gz-0702 is a Diagnostic PC based Audiometer. The Gz-0702 is controlled by a dedicated 15 in. laptop computer, a dedicated printer and a metal carrying case for the Audiometer and all its accessories. A light weight, compact designed, powerful, microprocessor controlled, hearing evaluation tool, the ideal choice for professionals on the move. Generate Audiogram and automatically generate PTA

Technical info: Output, Air Conduction/Bone Conduction,masking with NB/WN/SN/PN, test signal includes, tone, warble and pulse.

Frequency and maximum output intensity
Frequency AC BC
125 75
250 95 70
500 110 70
750 110 70
1000 110 70
1500 110 70
2000 110 70
3000 110 70
4000 110 70
6000 105 70
8000 95 65

There’a 1 year parts and labor Warranty on the Laptop and the GZ0702. Please don’t worry about service after the sale,
Gzrisound Engineers are a phone call away!

*Usb from computer to instrument for power connection.
*15 in. dedicated laptop with printer.
*TDH-39 Headphones
*Patient response switch
*B-71 bone oscillator, head band and cord.
*USB connection cable
*User Manual
*Software CD
*Calibration Certificate dated the day instrument is purchased.
*Metal carrying case

AMPLIVOX 270 Audiometer


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A very comprehensive diagnostic/clinical audiometer that facilitates AC, BC, speech audiometry together with a range of clinical tests.

Air, bone and speech audiometry
Pure tone, continuous, pulsed and warble tones
Range of clinical tests
Optional NOAH interface
Compact and easy to use
Talk forward/back function
Optional printer
Optional insert earphones

The Amplivox 270 is a diagnostic audiometer that excels in the critical areas of technology, ergonomics and ease of use.


A comprehensive specification including several clinical tests, transducer output choices and test result recording options together with unsurpassed product reliability is made possible by the use of advanced digital technology.


The controls are arranged in a clear and logical manner. Test information appears instantaneously on the large integral display which is set at an optimal viewing angle.

Ease of use

A reduced test time is achieved with the use of the threshold retention facility and quiet, positive action rotary controls. Test results can be saved in memory, printed with the optional printer or exported via the NOAH compatible interface (AC, BC, speech and ULL results).


The Amplivox 270 is a very compact audiometer and has the flexibility to be used for both clinic and portable applications. The lightweight custom designed carrying case will accommodate the audiometer and accessories.



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The Ambco 1000 Pure Tone Audiometric Hearing Test is the industry’s newest and only pure tone audiometer with sequential screening. Sequential screening eliminates the fatigue factor. The Ambco Model 1000 advances pure tone air conduction threshold and screening tests for hearing and is less expensive than some manual audiometers. Ambco 1000 Audiometers feature a microprocessor controlled OTO-Screen, resulting in accurate, consistent hearing tests. Hands-off screening gives the operator complete control of the testing procedure. The Ambco Pure Tone Model 1000 Audiometer is user friendly, ideally suited for all practices including pediatrics, family care, general medicine, internal medicine and schools. The Ambco 1000+P Audiometer with Printer is Electronic Medical Records (EMR) hardware compatible and tests hearing manually or automatically with a hard copy. See the IMAGE tab above for a hard copy sample of results from the printer.

The Ambco 1000 Pure Tone Audiometer is a standard threshold and screening audiometer with the option of OTO-Screen sequential testing. By the push of a button the sequential mode allows the operator to select the screening dB (Threshold). By activating the patient switch a 50 dB introductory level is presented. A positive response by the patient with the patient response switch initiates sequential test tones presented at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, 4000 Hz to each ear. Sequential testing proceeds only after each timely response. If there is no response or a false response the fail light alerts the operator. Ambco 1000 Audiometers feature tones presented at random to eliminate second guessing. Timely responses advance to the next frequency until both ears are tested. A pass light indicates to the operator the test was completed successfully. With Ambco 1000 Pure Tone Audiometric Hearing Tests, the operator is in control and can select standard threshold or screening mode by the push of a button.

The Ambco 1000+P Audiometric Hearing Test System includes the Model 1000 Audiometer, Headphones, AC Adapter, Patient Response Button, DPU-414 Printer with AC Adapter, Printer Cable and Printer Paper. TheAmbco 1000+ Audiometric Hearing Test includes the Model 1000 Audiometer, Headphones, Patient Response Button, AC Adapter and Carrying Case. See the ACCESSORIES tab above for replacement headset accessories, audiogram pads, patch cords, earphone receivers, the patient response hand switch, printer and printer paper.

Ambco Model 1000 Pure Tone Audiometers meet or exceed ANSI S3.6 1996, ANSI 3.21 1978 (R 1997) Methods for pure-tone threshold audiometry, as well as, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.), Child Health and Disability (C.H.D.P.) and other requirements.


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Interacoustics AT235H Impedance Audiometer. Excellent condition. 120 day warranty. 25% discount. Click here for special price.

Interacoustics AT235H Impedance Audiometer.

Probe Systems
The AT235 is supplied with a combi probe system that is easily interchanged for screening and clinical testing purposes. The screening probe tip is ideal for quick tymps and a screening reflex, while the diagnostic probe provides more stability for more lengthy exams that include tymps, refl exes, reflex decay and ETF. The probe has a button for changing ears remotely from the AT235 and for starting and pausing the test.
A basic air conduction pure tone audiometry function is a standard feature on the AT235 and AT235h. Basic pure tone audiograms may be generated manually or with an automatic HL function. All that is required is the purchase of an optional, independent headset. For patient safety, the maximum output may be limited.
Printing Options
A fast thermal printer is built into the instrument. If the data is downloaded to the Interacoustics OtoAccess™ database or NOAH, printouts may be generated through the PC.
User Friendly Design:
Ergonomically designed and user friendly the AT235, can be used as a desktop and a portable instrument. With the built-in power amplifier and test cavities it is easy and fast to set up and get started testing.
The AT235 and AT235h allow mixing of ipsi and contra reflexes in the protocol as well as a variety of stimuli such as pure tones or noise bands. There are few limitations on storing and printing as more than 40 reflexes may be recorded per ear. All reflex testing may be done manually in addition to the automated routines.
Two user programmable acoustic reflex sequences are available allowing you to define a simple screening procedure for test A and a more in-depth evaluation as test B. These protocols may be programmed and/or selected by the push of a button. The protocols allow intensity presentations at fixed levels, in auto threshold mode or a defined sequence to display reflex growth.
With the push of a single button, the AT235h will switch to a 678, 800 or 1000 Hz probe tone. A tympanogram that is recorded using a high frequency probe tone (e.g. 1000 Hz) is considered more suitable for screening neonates. In addition to automatic mode, the pump action on the AT235h can be controlled manually.
The Interacoustics AT235h Includes:
Power Supply
TDH Headphones
Pure Tone Testing
Automatic or Manual Testing
Patient Response Switch
Impedance Testing
Eustachian Tube Function testing
Probe Tones- 226Hz, 678Hz, & 1000Hz
Ipsi Refelx
Contra Reflex Testing
Contra Phone
Current Calibration Certificate!
30 Day warranty!!!
This unit is in great shape and ready to be plugged in and put to use. We will calibrate the unit before we ship it.