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LD Technology ES Teck Complex Body Scanning Machine

Brand new equipment. 3 year warranty.

LD Technology ES Teck Complex Body Scanning Machine
Brand new equipment. 3 year warranty.

ES-TECK Complex (EIS / HRV / SpO2 / BIA) 4 in one! SYSTEM

The ES-TECK is a computer-aided allowing through a complete software, creating images, diagrams or customized graphics medical system patient. The ES-TECK provides valuable information about the organization, indicating its functional health status, either generally or by organ systems, becoming a stable control and evolution of any therapy, thanks to its excellent reliability reference. ES-TECK incorporates the EIS system implemented with a pole BIA, an ECG (heart rate variability) and a cross pulsioxĂ­metro.El results analysis gives an overview of functional parameters to fine-tune the actions individualized to the patient. ES-TECK Complex Class IIA Medical System is the first medical team using a combination of four technologies in one device.

EIS (Electro Interstitial Scanner). The unique and pioneering system of physiological-biochemical assessment of interstitial fluid and cellular ATP production by physicochemical methods based on impedance current continua.Es electromedical the first system that bioimpedance technology used to perform an analysis of the function of organs and systems to the physiological and biochemical level. It is a unique system for a detailed assessment of the health and evolution terapéutica.El measurement system is a continuous stream of only 1.5 mV spanning the extracellular fluid (bioimpedance DC). Validated by chemical formulas, conductivity, strength and molecular weight, calculates the concentration of many molecules and more importantly, the level of cell and tissue metabolism according to the blood supply and production levels of ATP and the visualizing tissue density and tissue different processes. HRV (Heart Rate Variability). From ECG determines heart rate variability and control state SNV (sympathicotonia-vagotonia). PTG (plethysmography-SpO2). By us pulse oximetry It provides information of the cardiovascular situation. BIA (Body Index Analysis). Rating pole body composition system incorporating phase angle value as an indicator of health of cell membranes. The resulting parameters are shown in the form of representation by models Organic colors, graphics and numerical values of all organs and systems. Application briefs lifestyle and sports fitness. Cross-system performance and graphical management evolution. validated for all types of therapeutic monitoring system, particularly clinical trials of antidepressants, antihypertensives, oral anticoagulants took place and also serves as an adjunct to the diagnosis of childhood ADHD.

The data provided are:

– interstitial ion concentration (Na, K, Ca, P, Cl, Mg). – Concentration of gases, pH, H + and interstitial bicarbonates. – metabolites oxidation (MDA) and antioxidant (GSH, SOD). – interstitial balance of neurotransmitters: serotonin, catecholamines, dopamine, acetylcholine. – Balance hormonal activity. Insulin, DHEA, cortisol, testosterone, aldosterone, ACTH, ADH and thyroid and parathyroid function . – Assessment of metabolic syndrome – Location . functional of all organs . – Situation functional central nervous system and SNA . – Functioning and segmental spinal metameric – cardiovascular functional status – Calculation of the Sp02 The assessment of organ function and system includes a detailed analysis of: – Digestive System including liver, pancreas and gallbladder. – Cardiovascular system – brain System – Respiratory System – Genitourinary System – vegetative and central nervous system – functional vertebral Situation The system also includes a bioimpedance technology pole AC to assess body composition, which provides a . valuable information about: fat mass, lean mass, intra and extracellular water, basal metabolism and caloric expenditure constitutes a specific evaluation system in: – Pharmacotherapy follow – Preventive medicine and lifestyle – sports medicine and fitness assessment – Monitoring Nutrition and diet – Evolution of chronic diseases The introduction of the ES-TECK system, as a system of analysis and monitoring in functional medicine, has been a before and after in the concepts of cellular and organ physiology by studying interstitial biochemistry. It has been the best tool in medical consultation aimed at assessing in situ the functional processes involved in health status, disease and lifestyle.