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ELITE Hybrid Chiropractic Tables

The new ELITE Hybrid table. Combining the function of our most popular adjusting table with the function of an examination table. Purchase at a stationary height or you may upgrade and select your choice of either a pump elevation or electric elevation feature.

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Product Description

Elite Hybrid Standard Features

  • Easy fully adjustable back rest
  • Easy convert chiropractic table to a examination chair
  • Removable arm rest
  • Table is available in a height of 20″ – 32″ (your choice in 1″ increments)
  • Multi-directional headpiece – Tilt, Elevation and Spread
  • 21″ wide table surface
  • Cervical headpiece can be raised up to 6″ above cushions
  • Cervical drop (forward motion oriented or straight down motion)
  • Easy drop foot cocking pedal on both sides of table. (available when purchasing drops)
  • Elevating thoracic and Pelvic/Lumbar sections (each tilt upward to 15 degrees)
  • Knee break (adjusts up 20 degrees, down 10 degrees) with ankle rest extension
  • Easy access to adjustment controls
  • Low maintenance, dependable function
  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Powder coated table base color: black or white
  • Wide assortment of colors available in Healthcare-grade upholstery

Additional Optional Features

  • Drops – Cervical, Pelvic/Lumbar
  • Dual Footswitch
  • Abdominal Breakaway
  • Abdominal Drop in Breakaway (hand cocked drop)
  • 24″ Wide Table Surface
  • Protective Cover for knee break and foot extension
  • Leather upholstery
  • Pump elevation – foot controlled manual pump elevation (6″ range) Your choice of elevation range from 18″-24″, 20″-26″ or 22″-28″
  • Electric elevation – electric footswitch controlled elevation (8″ range) Variable Elevation Height from: 18″ – 26″, 20″ – 28″, 22″ – 30″ or 24″ – 32″ (foot switch controlled)

Elite-Electric-Elevation-Hybrid-Total-Clinic-Solutions-up Elite-Electric-Elevation-Hybrid-Total-Clinic-Solutions-up-2

Omni Manual Flexion CBP – Elevation Deluxe

Omni Manual Flexion CBP – Elevation Deluxe Features:

Foot activated drops – pelvic, lumbar and chest, complete cervical drop unit, elevating pelvic and ankle, power balance tension control manual plane traction and lateral rotation.
Omni Manual Flexion CBP – Elevation Deluxe Options available:

Heritage upholstery, elevating chest and power traction.
Optional Omni Table Colors available in 5 different color.

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Extra firm 10 lb. rebond foam, pelvic, lumbar, thoracic and cervical drops, elevating chest, elevating pelvic, elevating/extending foot section and translating cervical. Height 20″ – 33″
Omni Total Drop Elevation Options available:

Heritage upholstery, elevated chest drop and optional height of 18″ – 30″
Optional Omni Table Colors available in 4 different color

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CHATTANOOGA Adapta Summit 7 Chiropractic or Treatment Table

CHATTANOOGA Adapta Summit 7 Chiropractic or Treatment Table.

Brand NEW! State of the art therapy tables.

Features of the Adapta Summit 7 with PostureFlex include:
*7 Section treatment platform
*Whisper quiet hi/lo from 18-37 inches controlled by 6 easy to reach cordless, integrated pedal controls around the platform
*Fold away side panels allow easy access to cervical and shoulder region
*Independent positioning of the pivoting head and arm sections
*Gas assist elevated the foot section with the quick release grab bar. The leg cushion can be raised up to 80 degrees
*Patient positioning with Adapta i-Skin standard
*EZ Lift retractable caster system
*Posture Flex option provides flexion/extension and positional traction with the push of a button
*Easily re-position the platform during therapy using the gas-assisted grab bar
* 450 pound capacity
*Comes in six colors

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