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28″ USED Hyperbaric Chamber for sale

Brand new.

90 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts.

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28″ Hyperbaric Chamber for sale


3 large viewing windows
2 total valves: 1 Inflation and 1 Auxiliary valve
Airtight two-way zipper
Carbon filter
New Compressors
New Frame
2 Inflatable Bolsters
Pressure gauge
New Travel bag

28” Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

This amazing chamber is the most economical and versatile of all. The chamber due to its small footprint is perfect for your home, apartment or office.  It can accommodate either one adult or a young child.

Incredibly bright interior, One super quiet compressors
Ease of use for self-treatments, Side entry for easy access
Pressurizes and depressurizes with the touch of a button
Energy efficient design – uses only 250 watts of power
Brand new, with one year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee

Manufactured by one of the world’s leading portable hyperbaric chamber manufacturers

Technical Specifications:
28″ diameter
7 feet in length
4.4 psi (1.3 ATA)


40″ Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

In good condition. 90 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts.

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4 large viewing window
4 total valves: 2 Inflation and 2 Auxiliary valves
Airtight two-way zipper
Carbon filter
Dual Compressor
Pressure gauge
Travel bag

Technical Specifications:

40″ diameter
10 and 8 feet in length options
4.4 psi (1.3 ATA)


SECHRIST 3200 Hyperbaric Chamber

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30 days money back guarantee. 1 year warranty for parts in future.

SeChrist 3200-a    SeChrist 3200-b

· Gurney and Bed Included
· Brand new mattress and pillow
5762 cycles. Includes Stryker gurney and all hoses and hardware. 2003 model.
6 month warranty for parts & labor. We have 5 unit in stock.

The Sechrist 3200 is a pneumatically controlled system, which features a spacious 32 inch inside diameter acrylic cylinder for increased patient mobility and comfort. Important capabilities such as ventilation support and intravenous infusion can also be provided. Transcutaneous and other monitoring is possible via electrical ports and pass-throughs. Additional features include a hyperbaric gurney for easy patient transport, an intercom system for two-way private conversation and an auxiliary audio-input for patient entertainment.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment in which the patient is entirely enclosed in a pressure chamber breathing 100% pure oxygen (O2) at greater than one atmosphere pressure. Air contains nearly 21% oxygen, and approximately 78% nitrogen. In hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO), the oxygen percentage breathed by the patient is nearly or actually 100%, almost five times more than in air. The pressure of the oxygen breathed by the patient in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is usually more than 1.5 times (and can be as much as 3 times) greater than atmospheric pressure. HBOT can deliver nearly 15 times as much oxygen as there is in air at normal pressure.

What are the clinically accepted indications for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
HBOT has been proven effective for many medical conditions, and as a result the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society, one of the premier research institutes, has approved following indications:
Air or Gas Embolism
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Complicated by Cyanide Poisoning
Clostridal Myositis and Myonecrosis (Gas Gangrene)
Crush Injury, Compartment Syndrome, and other Acute Traumatic Ischemias
Decompression Sickness
Enhancement of Healing in Selected Problem Wounds; Arterial Insufficiencies; Central Retinal Artery Occlusion
Severe Anemia
Intracranial Abscess
Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections
Refractory Osteomyelitis
Delayed Radiation Injury (Soft Tissue and Bony Necrosis)
Compromised Skin Grafts & Flaps
Acute Thermal Burn Injury
In addition, Medicare coverage determinations will reimburse in the U.S. for the following conditions:

Diabetic wounds of the lower extremities in patients who meet the following three criteria:

Patient has type I or type II diabetes and has a lower extremity wound that is due to diabetes;
Patient has a wound classified as Wagner grade III or higher; and
Patient has failed an adequate course of standard wound therapy.

What are the physiological mechanisms of action caused by HBOT that make it work?
Hyperoxygenation: HBOT physically dissolves extra oxygen into the blood plasma, which is then delivered to the tissues. Breathing pure oxygen at two to three times normal pressure delivers 10-15 times as much physically dissolved oxygen to tissues. This can increase the tissue oxygen in compromised tissues to greater-than-normal values. Hyperoxygenation has been demonstrated to induce formation of new capillaries in ischemic or poorly perfused wounds. Therefore, it is useful in the treatment of ischemic based compromised wounds, flaps and grafts. It is also helpful in some infections by allowing white cell (leukocytic) activity to resume function.

Mechanical Effect of Increased Pressure: Any gas in the body will decrease in volume as the pressure on it increases. With a threefold increase in pressure, a bubble trapped in the body is reduced by two-thirds. Thus, reduction in gas volume resolves air embolism and decompression illness when the diagnosis to treatment is done in a timely manner.

Vasoconstriction: High-pressure oxygen causes constriction of the blood vessels in normal tissues without creating hypoxia. It does not cause constriction in previously oxygen-deprived tissues. The vasoconstriction decreases edema which is helpful in the treatment of burns, crush injuries, compartment syndromes and other acute traumatic ischemias. Even though the blood flow that contributes to edema is reduced, oxygen delivery to the tissues is maintained through the hyperoxygenation effect.

Antimicrobial Activity: HBOT inhibits alpha toxin production as seen in anaerobic infections such as clostridium perfringens (gas gangrene). The most common cause of gas gangrene is clostridium perfringens; however, there are several gas producing organisms (aerobic and anaerobic) that require surgical debridement initially. It also enhances the white cell killing activity which provides an excellent adjuvant to I.V. antibiotic and local wound care.

Mass Action of Gases: The flooding of the body with any one gas tends to “wash out” others. This action occurs more rapidly under pressure than under ordinary conditions, and makes HBOT an indicated treatment for decompression sickness.

Reduction of Reperfusion Injury: Following an ischemic interval, indirect injury occurs, which is mediated by the inappropriate activation of leukocytes. HBOT prevents such activation. Adherence of white blood cells to capillary walls is markedly reduced, thus mitigating the “no reflow” phenomenon. This is why HBOT therapy is indicated in carbon monoxide poisoning and is considered the treatment of choice.

Vitaeris 320 Hyperbaric Chamber by OxyHealth

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The best and largest in our fleet of mild personal hyperbaric chambers, the Vitaeris 320 boasts a roomy 32” inflated diameter that comfortably seats two. Dual pumps boost inflation time and provide twice the airflow throughout the chamber. Designed specifically for the clinic, this model suits the needs of any medical office and patient. Straightforward training and basic maintenance makes the Vitaeris 320 a functional part of any practice!


  • 4psi (1.3ATA) operating pressure
  • Durable double-sided 44oz. urethane coated polyester weave material
  • Large ‘top loading’ entry allows effortless patient placement even with a lift system
  • Dual air-exchange/regulator valves provide redundant pressure control
  • Patented 2-zipper seal facilitates self treatments
  • Air pressurization / depressurization valve
  • Larger external pass-through port
  • Inflation/Deflation valve allows both occupant and treatment administrator to control pressure
  • Dual redundant, air exchange valves maintain pressure and flush CO2 out of chamber
 Occupant Observation
  • Five windows incorporated into urethane shell
  • Room light illuminates chamber interior
  • Direct audible communication with patient
 Peripheral Equipment
  • 10 ft. medical grade hose with quick-disconnect couplings
  • Analog pressure gauge
  • High efficiency inline air filtration system-filters air down to 0.01 microns
  • Clean air compressor system – double-head, oil-less, with built in cooling radiator
  • Bladder Weight: 38 lbs
  • Compressor Weight: 36.5 lbs
  • Bolsters Weight: 12.5 lbs
  • Mattress Weight: 11 lbs
  • Frame Weight: 29 lbs
  • Length: 93 in
  • Diameter: 33.5 in
  • Circumference: 107 in
  • Volume: 47.4 Feet3

Operation pressure 4 psi proof tested to 6 psi
P/N 15c37179/32
Patent Nos. US 4,974829 5,398,678 5,678,543
There are also patent numbers for Canada,Austria, Germany and European
SN 3912

The Vitaeris 320 package:

• 4 psi portable mild hyperbaric chamber—44 oz urethane
• Designed for improved airflow through chamber
• Rigid frame maintains form when deflated
• Tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators
• Medical Pass-through—facilitates external device hookup
• Clean air compressor—double head, oil-less, dual intake filters
• High efficiency in-line filtration system—filters to 0.01 microns
• Bolster set—cradles and stabilizes chamber when inflated
• Custom mattress—contoured to fit inside the chamber
• Specifications—length: 93” diameter (inflated): 33”
• Inflated circumference: 109”
• Chamber carry bag