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Beckman Coulter Biomek FX Automated Dual Arm Liquid Handler

Beckman Coulter Dual Arm Biomek FX Automated Liquid Handler

Unit in excellent condition. 30 days money back return policy. 1 year warranty for parts in future.

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Unit was powered on and homed. After passing all self-tests, the 96 head was loaded with P250 tips and the function of the 96 head was tested for alignment and ability to transfer liquid. After verification, the Span 8 head was tested the same way for it’s ability to transfer and dispense liquid, as well as accuracy. After verification a short method was created to show the Biomek working.

This system is equipped with two robotic arms. The first arm is setup for a multi probe head (multi probe head not included) with grippers and the second is a Span 8 pipette channels.

The Span 8 pipettes have 1-8 channels.

The Span 8 pipettes have 1ml syringes allowing for draws up to 1000ul.

This unit is used to process a variety of lab ware. The Span 8 pipettes can be used to process many types of lab ware including microplates, test tubes and micro vials.

– Biomek Fx sample preparation system
– Auto tip loader
– 16 raised microplate position carrier
– Tip wash station for Span 8 tips
– Multiprobe head tip wash
– One cooling position that can reach 0 oC
–  Dell laptop running Windows with Biomek Software version 3.3 installed
– All power and communication cables

 photo 07646 -- 1.jpg    photo 07646 -- 8.jpg   photo 07646 -- 9.jpg   photo 07646 -- 10.jpg   photo 07646 -- 11.jpg     photo 07646 - 3.jpg  photo 07646 - 4.jpg        photo 07646 - 11.jpg  photo 07646 - 12.jpg   photo 07646 - 14.jpg    photo 07646 - 17.jpg  photo 07646 - 18.jpg  photo 07646 - 19.jpg     photo 07646 - 23.jpg  photo 07646 - 24.jpg

Beckman Coulter Biomek 3000 Liquid Handling Workstation Pred. to Biomek 4000

Excellent condition. 60 days money back return. 1 year warranty for parts.

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Here is a Beckman Coulter Biomek 3000 Automated Laboratory Workstation

Predecessor to:
Beckman Coulter Biomek 4000

This Biomek 3000 Workstation is in good cosmetic and mechanical condition.

Testing we performed:
The system was tested with all the tools that are included and the deck was framed with the framing tool.

System consists of:
– Beckman Coulter Biomek 3000 Automated Laboratory Workstation.
– 7 position plates.
– 1 P1000 tip location.
– 2 tip loading stations.
– Gripper tool rack.
– Tool rack.
– P20 Tool (single 20ul)
– MP20 Tool (eight 20ul)
– P200L Tool (single 200ul)
– MP200 Tool (eight 200ul)
– P1000l Tool (single 1000ul)
– Gripper Tool.
– Framing Tool.
– Dell Latitude i5 Laptop
– All communication and power cords.

Configuration and Setup:  
This Beckman Coulter Biomek 3000 operates one XYZ arm that can pick up different liquid dispensing heads from the tool racks located on the deck.
There are currently a set of two 200ul tools and 20Ul tools, also a single channel 1000ul tool. In the sets there is a one channel and a eight channel tool.
The max that can be dispensed for eight channels in this configuration is 200ul. One channel is 1000ul.

This system is capable of liquid reservoir to microplate, or microplate to microplate transfers. The deck currently has 3 tipbox locations and 7 microplate locations.

The included microplate gripper tool is able to move and stack microplates and labware.
Beckman Coulter tips for the p20, p200, and p1000 heads can be used with this unit and purchases separately with or without filters.

Robotic Arm(s) – One arm that can pick up a variety of different heads.
Channels – Single and Eight channel tools included.
Volume – 1 to 1000ul can be transferred in a single move.
Application – Liquid Handling sample preparation.
Tip Type – P20, P200 or 1000 tips can be used.


 photo 09707- 1.jpg  photo 09707- 2.jpg  photo 09707- 3.jpg  photo 09707- 4.jpg  photo 09707- 5.jpg  photo 09707- 6.jpg  photo 09707- 7.jpg  photo 09707- 8.jpg  photo 09707- 9.jpg  photo 09707- 10.jpg  photo 09707- 11.jpg  photo 09707- 12.jpg  photo 09707- 13.jpg  photo 09707- 14.jpg   photo 09707- 16.jpg  photo 09707- 17.jpg  photo 09707- 18.jpg  photo 09707- 19.jpg   photo 09707- 21.jpg  photo 09707- 22.jpg  photo 09707- 23.jpg


2012 Mfg. In perfect working. 90 days money back return policy. For more questions, please email me at We will ship worldwide. Our best price US$17,500.00

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Product Features
Rapid and efficient solvent evaporation
– Low temperature, low pressure steam heating technology facilitates fast evaporation and precise temperature control
– Five times faster than conventional sample evaporators
– Dri-Pure™ technology prevents solvent bumping and cross contamination Genevac AutoStop feature for automated end point detection
Easy to operate
– Easy to use controls and software
– Walk-away automation
– Eliminates manual sample transfers
– Flip-flop system automates sample transfer from ASE vials
– SampleGenie™ enables samples to be concentrated or dried directly into storage or autosampler vials
Enhanced laboratory productivity
– Unattended evaporation/concentration of up to 18 ASE tubes or 6 large-volume 450 mL flasks
– Eco-friendly green technology
– Two-stage cold trap allows high solvent recovery
  • Max rotor speed: 1,800rpm
  • Max sample acceleration: 700G
  • Drive system: Direct
  • Max rotor imbalance: 40g
  • Type: Dual Glass Coil
  • Powered by: cold water / glycol mix
  • Maximum coolant pressure: 7 bar (static)
  • Minimum flow rate: 1 litre per minute
  • Maximum flow rate: 2 litres per minute
  • Maximum coolant temp: 15°C
  • Minimum coolant temp: -15°C (+5°C if solvent may Freeze)
  • Solvent Level detection: Visual
Vacuum System
  • Inner chamber pressure: 3 -1000 mbar
  • Display resolution: 0.1mbar
  • Outer chamber pressure: 3 -1000 mbar
  • Display resolution: 1mbar
  • Vacuum control: Solenoid valve
  • Dri-Pure: Yes
  • Ultimate system vacuum: 3mbar
  • Vacuum chamber water: Deionised: resistivity 50,000 to 1 megohm at pH >6.5 and particulate free. 250ml
Vacuum Pump
  • Type: 4 head diaphragm
  • Maximum vacuum: 2mbar
Unit’s Specifics
Make: Genevac/ SP Scientific
Model: Rocket Chemi
Model No.: RKCM-23050-SNN
Display Software: V1.14
Control Software: V1.01
Update Manager: V1.01
Date of Manufacture: Mar 2012
Type: Centrifugal Evaporator/ Evaporation system
Configured with:
  • Strobe light feature
Comes with:
  • 2 Sample flasks
  • 4 Blanking plugs
  • Waste solvent container
  • Julabo FL601 Re-circulating Chiller (v2.12)
  • Genevac Manual (Hardcopy)
  • Julabo Chiller Manual (Hardcopy)
Note: You will receive the actual unit shown. Comes with all hoses, cables, components, accessories shown
This unit is used and in clean, well-maintained, excellent physical condition. It powers up successfully as shown, Menu and Strobe Control knobs are tested to be fully responsive; Strobe light is tested to work and Chiller communicates successfully with the Evaporator. The system was pulled from a working lab environment recently. As we do not have the technical expertise to further test the unit, we are selling it on an “AS IS BASIS”. 
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Bruker Daltonics Esquire 2000 Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer w/ Software

90 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts.

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This instrument is in good cosmetic condition, showing only minor scrapes. The Bruker Esquire 2000 is designed to operate under normal atmospheric pressure, producing ions of analytes. The target plates have a capacity of up to 96 samples. The necessary target software is included with this instrument. This mass spectrometer is also relatively maintenance-free, requiring only the cleaning of the optical fiber ends.

This system runs in two modes: manual and auto-sequence. There is no need to nebulize gas, allowing for faster processing time. Everything is controlled locally from the front panel.


  • Daltonik GmBH CD

  • Esquire 5.1 CD

  • Biotools 2.2 CD

  • Hystar 2.3 CD

  • Compass 1.1 CD

  • Emergency Recovery CD

  • 5 manuals & tutorials

The operator’s manual can be found here.




Esquire 2000

Serial Number



28.5x19x25 ¾” (main component)

Sysmex XP-300 Automated Hematology Analyzer Blood Research Clinical Accessories

90 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts.

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the XP-300 is an ideal hematology analyzer for a clinic satellite laboratory or research testing. It provides a CBC with 17 reportable parameters and 3-part WBC Differential, which includes an Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC).

This hematology analyzer is in excellent cosmetic condition, with only very minor wear from normal use. New Life Scientific technicians flushed the system with  alcohol and water and encountered a clog error. After contacting Sysmex technical support, the error likely occurred because the manufacturer’s reagent was not used. There are multiple hoses and draw tubes (as pictured), the user’s manuals and technical manuals, a barcode scanner, and one 500 mL bottle of Stromatolyser -WH reagent that will be included with this instrument listing.





Serial Number


Date of Manufacture

July 2014




Bruker MATRIX-F FT-NIR Fiber Optic Spectrometer w/ PC + OPUS & Boris Software

90 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts.

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Manufacturer Bruker
Model Matrix-F
Date of Manufacture 2005
Serial Number MF.0378.05B
Dimensions (LxWxH) 17.5 x 14 x 9.7 inches
Cosmetic Condition Good
Accessories Included Power Cord, Computer + Software, Ethernet Cable+ Mouse keyboard and all in the pictures shown

Agilent 1200 Series G1367C

Fully refurbished.

90 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts.

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Best Price US$ 7,500.00




The Agilent 1200 Series high performance autosampler SL is specifically designed for the Agilent 1200 Series Rapid Resolution system for increased analysis speed with uncompromised sensitivity, resolution, and precision. It can be upgraded from non-thermostatted to thermostatted version by adding the Agilent 1200 Series thermostat for ALS/FC/spotter.

Complete Agilent 1200  HPLC, comes with

Agilent 1200 G1312B

Agilent 1200 G1379B

Agilent 1200 G1316C

Agilent 1200 G1367C HiP-ALS SL autosampler

Agilent 1200 G1330B

Agilent 1200 G1315D ,

suitable software and PC


  • Increased pressure range enabling the use of today’s column technology (sub-two-micron columns) with the Agilent 1200 Rapid Resolution system.
  • High speed with lowest carry-over by flow through design.
  • Increased sample injection speed for high sample throughput.
  • Increased productivity by using overlapped injection mode.
  • Minimal delay volumes for rapid gradients and fast equilibration when bypassing the autosampler after sample injection.
  • Flexible and convenient sample handling with different types of sample containers, such as vials and well plates. Using 384-well plates allows you to process up to 768 samples unattended.
  • Peltier temperature control from 4 to 40° C for thermally-labile samples (upgrade from non-thermostted to thermostatted version possible).