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CARL ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 provide highest resolution visualization capabilities and track retinal pigment epithelial integrity using Advanced RPE Analysis and assess glaucomatous loss with Ganglion Cell Analysis

CARL ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 provide highest resolution visualization capabilities and track retinal pigment epithelial integrity using Advanced RPE Analysis and assess glaucomatous loss with Ganglion Cell Analysis

Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 come with features an active eye-tracking mechanism that able to trace and compensate eye motion in real time and FastTrac retinal tracking to reduces eye motion artifacts without sacrificing patient

Cirrus OCT come with version 9.5 software can acquire 68,000 scans per second with fundus photos

This Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 completely refurbished by Zeiss trained technician

The new updated Cirrus 5000 HD OCT system features state-of-the-art hardware and software based on a fast 64-bit Windows 7 computer, a significantly accelerated OCT camera system, a much larger 19-inch monitor, and a wireless mouse and mouse Keyboard. This results in faster processing with shorter times for the patient and ophthalmologist. The OCT scan speed is between 27,000 and 68,000 per second.

Cirrus 5000 OCT – the big brother
Last but not least, there was an extraordinarily wide range of tools for diagnosing glaucoma, maculopathies, and the anterior segment without having to install an additional lens.


  • OCT Imaging
  • Methodology: Spectral domain OCT
  • Optical source: Superluminescent diode (SLD), 840 nm
  • Scan speed: 27K- 68K A-scans per second
  • A-scan: 2.0 mm (in tissue), 1024
  • Axial resolution: 5 μm (in tissue)
  • Transverse resolution: 15 μm (in tissue)

Fundus Imaging

  • Methodology: Line scanning ophthalmoscope (LSO)
  • Live fundus image: During alignment and during OCT scan
  • Optical source: Superluminescent diode (SLD), 750 nm
  • Field of view: 36 degrees W x 30 degrees H
  • Frame rate: > 20 Hz
  • Transverse resolution: 25 μm (in tissue)

Iris Imaging   

  • Methodology: CCD camera
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024


  • Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 Unit
  • New Printer
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Warranty Table
  • Table
  • all peripherals.

ZEISS OPMI MDU S5 Specialized Ophthalmic / Cataract/ Retinal Surgical Microscope

ZEISS OPMI MDU S5 Specialized Ophthalmic Cataract Retinal Surgical Microscope

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This Zeiss ophthalmic. Surgical Microscope Is complete tested with XY auto center / foot control /power cords /0 to 60 surgeons binoculars and options to add accessories and or camera systems.

Zeiss Opmi MDU/S5 Microscope

Used primarily for Cataract and other Ophthalmic procedures, this scope is also designed and well suited to be used for other disciplines, such as Hand/Plastic /ENT/OB/GYN surgery.It has removable optical components which allow for quick and easy changes to accommodate many disciplines.The MDU delivers a very consistent red reflex and great Zeiss optical clarity. The S5 microscope is compact and manually balanced .The S5 floorstand provides a small footprint maximizing floorspace.

Zeiss MDU/ S5 microscope specifications

Excellent Optical Clarity

Zeiss Opmi MDU motorized functions

Zeiss XY movement capabilities With auto center feature

Zeiss F170 0-60 degree inclinable binos (primary surgeon)

Zeiss F170 0 to 180 Inclinable ( option to substitute for surgeons primary binoculars please add $1500)

10x widefield eyepieces or choice

Zeiss. ( option to add assistant set up)

Multi-axis stereo observer (option to add )

Universal floor stand S5 ( small footprint)

Motorized Focus and Zoom

Fiberoptic Illumination

f=175mm Objective Lens or choice

Twelve Function electric Foot Control

Sterilizable Knob Covers



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SOVEREIGN® Compact Phacoemulsification System. software version 5.1
AMO compact Phacoemulsifier includes open toe foot control, power cords, remote control,intergral Cart with Iv
This item is complete and biomedical tested includes integral IV cart

Console system dimensions and weight: 14” wide, 18” deep, 7.5” high, 31 lbs

• Foot pedal dimensions and weight: 6” wide, 10” deep, 5” high, 9 lbs

SOVEREIGN® Compact System With WHITESTAR® Technology

SOVEREIGN® Compact System provides access to WHITESTAR® ICE Technology in a simple, user-friendly platform. The SOVEREIGN® Compact System provides users with advanced uidic performance, digital control over vacuum and power, and patented Occlusion Mode for safer, more predictable surgery. With the SOVEREIGN® Compact System, lens removal procedures are performed in a closed system to prevent cross-contamination. SOVEREIGN® Compact System has variable control over ramp speed and other performance parameters critical to maintaining a quiet, stable chamber.

The energy management capabilities of variable WHITESTAR® ICE Technology provide surgeons with the ability to manage cutting power and ef ciency to meet their individual preferences. WHITESTAR® ICE Technology, with user friendliness and advanced uidics, makes the SOVEREIGN® Compact System an excellent option.

The SOVEREIGN® Compact system is a full-featured system in an affordable, space-saving package that ensures chamber stability through advanced digital fluidics. Designed for ease of use, efficiency and reliability, the SOVEREIGN® Compact system now offers the total approach to lens extraction technology.

• Enhances follow-ability and effectively holds fragments at the tip end

• Specially designed for smoother cutting and excellent efficiency—all without having to change your preferred technique

• Delivers exceptional versatility, with curved or straight tip styles to match your preferred technique

• Provides optimized frequency and longer stroke path1

SOVEREIGN® Compact System

• Advanced digital fluidics for excellent control and chamber stability

• Continuously monitors and controls intraocular conditions for elegant cutting, even at 5% power

• Programmable occlusion mode virtually eliminates surges, even at high settings

• Enhanced user interface for ease of use

• Easy one-touch prime and tune

• Wide range of programmable power options

This unit comes with clinically evaluated preset parameters. The improved WHITESTAR™ Technology user interface makes it easy to customize the Pulse to your specific technique and preferences.

Nidek OCT RS-3000 Advance

Nidek OCT RS-3000 Advance

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Nidek OCT RS-3000 Advance comprised of the main body for capturing images and a storing with computer

Nidek OCT RS-3000 Advance with OCT system incorporating Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) designed to an evaluation choroid and the retina

Key Features
-Retinal Camera and OCT combined
-Anterior imaging for pachymetry
-Anterior imaging for angle view
-Superb macula image using SLO technology
-Wide-field imaging, from macula to disc
-Tracing HD plus for accurate
-Selectable OCT sensitivity  enables enhanced visualisation
-Accurate image capture using Torsion Eye Tracer (TET)
-Multifunctional follow-up Customised report

This Nidek OCT RS-3000 come with AngioScan that enables visualisation of retinal and choroidal microvasculature and with AngioScan capture, acquisition time is faster making for better usability and image quality.


Centervue DRS Automatic Retinal Camera

Centervue DRS Automatic Retinal Camera

Centervue DRS Automatic Retinal Camera provide a truly effective solution for diabetic retinopathy screening with compact ergonomic design features

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Centervue DRS Automatic Retinal Camera provide a truly effective solution for diabetic retinopathy screening with compact ergonomic design features

Centervue DRS is the easiest digital retinal imager and fully-automated retinal camera with No pupil dilation required for the patient

Here are Benefits of Centervue DRS Automatic Retinal Camera

  • Fully automated, minimal training required
  • Captures the image in less than 30 seconds.
  • Affordable. Compact. Portable.
  • Fast routine procedure improves practice efficiency
  • Intuitive, software-guided operation
  • Short exam time: captures both eyes in 1′ (single field)
  • Web-ready: transfer images to network or iPad for remote viewing
  • Allows for large-scale screening programs
  • Takes photos even you have smallest of pupils
  • Touch screen, wireless networking capable
  • Comprehensive diabetic retinopathy screening

Used with absolutely no issues and Having a new Kowa non-myd with software updated in late 2016.

Tomey SP-100 Handheld Pachymeter

Tomey SP-100 Handheld Pachymeter

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Tomey SP-100 Handheld Pachymeter is to measure Central Corneal Thickness and designed to take corneal thickness measurement automatically

Tomey SP-100 comfortably held with one hand and allow measurements without looking at the display

Tomey SP-100  come with Thermal built-in printer and built-in rechargeable battery to enables wireless operation

-Automatic CCT corrected IOP calculations
-Built-in printer
-Wide measuring range 150 to 1,200 μm
-8 readings with averaging
-Patient data input & export capability
-Rechargeable battery with AC adapter

Welch Allyn SureSight 140 Series Portable Eye Vision Tester Screener

Welch Allyn SureSight 140 Series Portable Eye Vision Tester Screener

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Welch Allyn SureSight 140 Series Portable Eye Vision Tester Screener

Welch Allyn 14000 SureSight Vision Screener provides a child-friendly vision test that engages youngsters, puts them at ease, and and takes just seconds.

Welch Allyn 14000 Screener is accurate vision test that ensures reliable early detection of refractive error and allows you to test for the primary vision disorder in children

Easy to Use:

One press of a button starts automatic sequential test of both eyes.
Five-second, automatic test addresses compliance problems and makes testing easier.
Automatically measures and indicates abnormal readings on a high visibility display- no provider interpretation is required.
Hand-Held unit operates for three hours of continuous testing.

Child Friendly & Nonintrusive Screenings:

Operates at a non-threatening 14-inch (35 cm) distance.
Requires minimal cooperation, making it ideal for use on young children, the disabled, and when there is a language barrier.
Flashing lights and sounds engage the patient’s attention.

Screens for Common Vision Problems:

Myopia/Hyperopia (Near & Far Sightedness)
Astigmatism (Asymmetrical Focus)
Anisometropia (Unequal Power Between Eyes)

Technical Specifications:

Data Acquisition: Measures and averages 5 to 8 readings/eye
Data Acquisition Time: 2.4 s/eye
Technology: Welch Allyn proprietary autorefractor hardware/algorithm
Working Distance: 14 inches (35 cm)
Battery Life: More than 3 hours of continuous usage
Low-battery Indicator: Indicates ~ 15 minutes usage remains
Weight: 2.0 lbs (0.9 Kg)
Warranty : 1-year warranty.

Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro

Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro

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Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro System unites a high profile color nonmydriatic retinal camera with the hottest spectral domain OCT technology. The rotating touch panel and fully automated (alignment, focus, and catch) performance make the 3D OCT-1 Maestro the diagnostic alternative to even the tiniest clinical practice, according to a company news release.

The rotating touch panel and completely automated (alignment, focus, and catch) operation make the Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro the great diagnostic alternative for even the tiniest clinical practice. PinPoint Registration correctly signifies the positioning of the OCT image within the fundus image. A 12mm x 9mm scan combined with automatic segmentation provides measurement and topographical maps of the optic nerve and macula with Reference Database in one scan.

The Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro from ophthalmicmart provides ophthalmologists with an advanced automated optical coherence tomography system and fundus camera for assessing optical pathologies. The full-color fundus camera offers both 2D and 3D pictures in high resolution, whereas the Spectral Domain OCT provides 50,000 A-scans each second.

The Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro also features quite a few fundus image utilities, including Mosaic, stereo, individual instruction, dimension, and more. With automatic disk segmentation and auto-centering capacities, as well as automatic layer segmentation analysis, this OCT allows precise diagnostics and comprehensive interactive reports. The tool is compact and fully networkable for seamless integration within any dimension ophthalmology practice.

You can have the world as your oyster with all the OCT. It has a touchable working screen, and it’ll automatically scan every eye in processes at precisely the same time. It offers an OCT scan with a legitimate color fundus image. It offers easy operation, and it’s fully automated. The automated processing for focus, orientation, and shooting guarantees the entire process is done quickly and correctly. The Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro provides flexible operation and may be operated from varying positions using a rotatable ten touch screen. This improves interactions between the medical personnel and patients dramatically. The operator could be next to the patient for ease of access during operation.

“We are very pleased to announce the availability of the 3D OCT-1 Maestro. The Maestro has been one of the best-selling SD OCTs outside the United States for the past 2 years and we are pleased that the recent FDA clearance of the Maestro will the now enable US eye care professionals to experience the benefits of the Maestro and contribute to their patient’s overall eye health and well being,” John Fujita, President of Topcon Medical Systems

Key Features:
* Full automation (alignment, focus, and capture) 3D OCT and fundus capture technology, combined with automatic report functions, delivers fast office workflow and ensures that any of your staff can quickly take images.
* Comprehensive assessment of ONH and macula in one scan with the innovative 12mm x 9mm scanning protocol.
* Extensive Reference Database of RNFL, Total Retinal, GCL + IPL, and GCL + IPL + RNFL thickness measurements 50,000 A-Scans/sec Spectral Domain OCT with a   non-mydriatic color fundus camera saves space and saves the expense of purchasing two systems.
* High-quality images – 2D, 3D and fundus images.
* PinPoint™ Registration of OCT image with fundus image.
* Latest automatic layer segmentation algorithms.
* All-in-one compact system to fit small office settings.
* Online instrument training program significantly reduces training time for new staff.


  • Fully-automatic OCT with simple finger touch
  • Rich analysis and report functions
  • Reliable assistance for scanning
  • High quality, high resolution OCT and color fundus image
  • Seamless network solution
  • Compact footprint and flexible layout
  • Full-auto Capturing


Observation & photography of fundus image

  • Scan mode: Color, red-free*
  • Picture angle: 45°/30° or equivalent (digital zoom)
  • Operating distance: 34.8mm (in fundus photography)
  • Photographable: 45°, φ4.0mm or more
  • Diameter of pupil: Small pupil diameter: φ3.3mm or more
  • Fundus image resolution (on fundus): Center : 60 lines/mm or more | Middle (r/2) : 40 lines/mm or more | Middle (r) : 25 lines/mm or more
  • Scan range: Horizontal direction 3 ~ 12mm
  • Scan speed (on fundus): Vertical direction 3 ~ 9mm | Horizontal direction 3 ~ 6mm
  • Scan speed (on cornea): Vertical direction 3 ~ 6mm | 50,000 A-Scans per second
  • Lateral resolution: 20μm
  • In-depth resolution: 6μm
  • Photographable diameter of pupil: φ2.5mm or more

Observation & photography of fundus image/fundus tomogram

Internal fixation target: Dot matrix type organic EL (The display position can be changed and adjusted.
The presenting method can be changed.)

Electric rating

  • Source voltage: AC 100-240V
  • Power input: 70-150VA
  • Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions: 307-442mm (W) × 472-668mm (D) × 518-722mm (H)
  • Weight: 21kg

Optovue Avanti Comprehensive Widefield OCT Imaging

Optovue Avanti Comprehensive Widefield OCT Imaging

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Optovue Avanti Widefield OCT from Optovue offers you new information on structures outside the conventional 6×6 mm block, separates the retina into distinct layers for detailed appraisal, offers views of the vitreous and deep choroid, and gives you the capability to monitor change over time. And scan patients faster with 70,000 A-scans each second, fast procedure scans with Avanti’s desktop processing engine, and quickly identify potential problems with comprehensive, easy-to-read reports.

Optovue Avanti supplies an all-in-one alternative for posterior and lateral high heeled OCT imaging at 70,000 A-scans each second, using widefield 3D motion correction and 3-micron electronic resolution. Along with fast and accurate imaging, Avanti offers a simultaneous multi-layered evaluation of peripheral cornea pathology; deep choroidal imaging; fovea location recognition; pachymetry mapping; and optic disc, RNFL and ganglion cell complicated evaluation. Optovue states the device was created as a scalable platform for next-generation OCT in mind.

The Opotvue Avanti is a spectral-domain, high-resolution OCT which has been utilized in numerous clinical trials.  We use it to perform the following tests:

  • Nerve Fiber Layer and Ganglion Cell scans to screen for glaucoma and follow patients over time
  • Retinal macular scans to diagnose and support numerous medical eye problems including macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema, epiretinal membrane, vitreomacular traction, cystoid macular edema, etc
  • Anterior Segment scans to diagnose corneal or iris pathology
  • OCT Angiography which is starting to be used more than traditional fluorescein angiography to image the blood vessels of the retina and optic nerve.  It is particularly helpful imaging patients with diabetes, macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusion, and glaucoma
  • Measurement of Total Corneal Power (TCP) for calculation of Intraocular Lens (IOL) power after LASIK, PRK or RK which has been shown in studies to be the most accurate technology available
  • Evaluation of the anterior chamber angle to determine the risk of acute angle closure glaucoma
  • Corneal thickness mapping to judge central corneal thickness and screen for keratoconus
  • Imaging of intraocular tumors such as a choroidal nevus or choroidal melanoma

Optovue Avanti Advantage

The Avanti Widefield Enface OCT system is the next generation in OCT technology with a fully comprehensive system for managing retina, glaucoma, and anterior segment.  Avanti offers Widefield scanning, a 12mm x 9 mm scan with 40° imaging, high speed – 70,000 A-scans/seconds and an easy user interface. The Avanti also incorporates  Total Corneal Power (TCP) for post-refractive cataract patients and Epithelial Thickness Mapping (ETM) for better LASIK planning.

Optovue Avanti Widefield OCT incorporates RNFL and Ganglion Cell Complex (GCC) measurements with the added parameters of Focal Loss Volume (FLV%) and Global Loss Volume (GLV%) that increase the sensitivity and specificity of the GCC analysis.1 The RNFL and GCC trend analysis report provide a tool for approximating the rate of change that enables personalized treatment protocols and improved patient education.

The Avanti gives Retina Specialists new information on structures outside the traditional 6mm x 6mm cube, providing an assessment of individual layers of the retina, offering views of the vitreous and deep choroid, and enabling evaluation of change over time. Optovue Avanti Widefield OCT incorporates some technologies that deliver clinical and practical benefits.

Anterior Segment 
For the Anterior Segment, the Avanti expands the clinical utility of your OCT to address a broad range of patients in practice. This comprehensive package includes exciting new technology as well as the standard features you’ve come to expect from anterior segment OCT. Avanti Widefield OCT offers a new way to calculate IOL powers and to assess the thickness of the epithelium, while also providing essential functions such as cornea cross-line scans, angle measurement, and pachymetry.

Avanti Widefield OCT offers a new way to calculate IOL powers and to assess the thickness of the  epithelium, while also providing essential functions such as cornea cross-line scans, angle measurement, and pachymetry

Topcon CA-800 Corneal Analyzer

Topcon CA-800 Corneal Analyzer

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Topcon CA-800 Corneal Analyzer is an easy-to-use yet in-depth corneal topography alternative allowing for the entire test of the anterior corneal surface. Along with altitude mapping of the corneal surface, the CA-800 provides robust software features, allowing for an entire analysis of the patient’s corneal surface.

The CA-800 is controlled with a 10-inch capacitive touch panel screen and united with recognizable joystick operation acquisition and analysis of the cornea is fast and simple.

The CA-800 is equipped with static and dynamic pupillometry, providing clear information regarding the response time of the student and the contraction of the pupil.

The streamlined layout of the CA-800 integrates an internal PC using a 320Gb SATA hard disk for individual database management.

Topcon CA-800 is a comprehensive solution for evaluation of the anterior corneal surface. Along with curvature mapping, it provides a comprehensive analysis of the retina. Additionally, it provides fluorescein pictures and real-time fluorescein videos for contact lens fitting.

Topcon CA-800 is a Placido-based topographer using 24 rings that measure up to 6,144 data points, together with axial and instantaneous curvature evaluation.

Moreover, it is equipped with four infrared LEDs and two white LEDs for static and dynamic pupillometry and eight blue LEDs for fluorescein videos and images to perform complete contact lens evaluation.

Topcon CA-800 is the best service for contact lens fitting. Simulation software is provided onboard including a whole contact lens database for all of the key producers (upgradable and customizable by the user). The on-board fluorescein acquisition system allows complete control of the contact lens status in the eye.

Thanks to the on-board pupillometer that the consumer can check the student size and position (from photopic to scotopic state) about the position of the optical zone in Ortho-k or refractive surgery remedies.

Topcon CA-800 can be utilized to perform Zernike analysis to assess any aberrations and deficiencies of their cornea.

An extra functionality of Ca-800 is an onboard application for toric IOL calculation in cataract operation. CA-800 is quite easy to manage and use. From image acquisition to analysis, the onboard software is user-friendly and intuitive and also the 10.1-inch touch display offers quick navigation.

Visual signals support rapid and effortless alignment and focusing on the eye; the “best image” selection modus automatically acquires the best-focused picture.

It has a brand new layout and includes a fully integrated PC so that an outside PC isn’t required to control patient databases for both archiving and re-analysis functions.

Unique Features:

  • Meibography capability incorporated
    without the need for additional software.
  • Easy operation to change from topography
    to geography modes.
  • Blue leds for fluorescein stained corneal imaging.
  • Has the ability to capture images and video
    of a fluorescein stained cornea.
  • Documents tear film condition and breakup time.

Topcon CA-800 Hardware specifications

Keratoscope cone with 24 rings equally spaced on a 43D sphere; more than 100,000 analyzed points

Corneal coverage
Up to 9.8 mm on a sphere of 8-mm radius Pupillometer
Dynamic and static pupillometry

Blue LED and the internal yellow barrier filter for fluo acquisition

PC processor

10.1-inch color touchscreen

Software specifications

  • On-board database management
  • Guided focus system
  • Complete corneal analysis
  • Integrated pupillometer
  • Keratoconus screening
  • Corneal wavefront analysis (Zernike)
  • Complete contact lens fitting software
  • On-board fluorescein acquisition
  • Complete report management
  • Reviewing of previous patient examinations