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Kendall SCD Express Compression System W/ Medium Sleeves 9529 Tubes & Warranty

Performance Certificate
Compression Pump
Compression Tubes (Left and Right)
Compression Sleeve – Medium (Knee Length) – Kendall 9529
Battery Pack

Brand new in box.


The SCD EXPRESS Compression System is a clinically-proven modality for the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE). The system consists of the SCD EXPRESS controller, non-disposable tubing and single patient use leg garments. The compression sleeve contains three bladders to deliver circumferential, sequential and gradient compression to ensure clearance of the deep veins without the risk of distal blood trapping. The sleeve is anatomically designed with adjustable sleeve closure offering a customized fit for each patient. The sleeves are available in thigh or knee length. Packaged in pairs. This new system provides a number of unique features that improve prophylaxis for every patient. The SCD EXPRESS – KAMBIA? sleeve is truly an “All-In-One” device. The unique Tear-Away design allows the sleeve to easily convert from a thigh length sleeve to a knee length sleeve in just seconds.


All-in-one controller
Vascular refill detection
Lithium ion battery operation and indicator
Garment detection
Single-leg operation
Small footprint
Light weight
One-touch operation
Automatic pressure adjustment
Automatic battery charge
Safety system shutdown
Integrated bed mount
Integrated handle
Hospital grade power cord, with grounded 3-prong plug
Non-detachable power cord
Port a and b indicators
Simplified audible and visual alarms
Small, light-weight, kink-resistant tubing