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Anspach EMax 2 Electric Neurosurgery Drill Set

Brand new condition. Full 3 year warranty. For more details please email me at Price US$9,200

Components Included In This Sale:

Anspach Emax 2 Drill With Cable

  • Anspach Emax2 SC 2000 Electric Console
  • Anspach Emax 2 Hand Control
  • Anspach Emax 2 Electric Foot Pedal
  • Anspach XL-HD (20.2cm Heavy Duty Extra Long Attachment)
  • Anspach MIA-16 (16cm Minimally Invasive Attachment)
  • Anspach Long-HD (8cm Heavy Duty Long Attachment)
  • Anspach Long (11cm Long Attachment)
  • Anspach Long S (10.5cm Long Attachment)
  • Anspach Medium (8cm Long Attachment)
  • Anspach Medium HD (8cm Heavy Duty Medium Attachment)
  • Anspach Short (5cm Short Attachment)
  • Anspach Crani A-R 6.5cm (Adult Rotating Craniotome Attachment)
  • Anspach MDA (Angled Micro Dissection Attachment)
  • Anspach CSR 60 (Speed Reducer 60)
  • Anspach Emax Sterilization Tray With Case


Stryker System 7 High-Speed Precision Saw 7209 Orthopedic , ENT, Cranial

This is Stryker System 7 High-Speed Precision Saw 7209 Orthopedic , ENT, Cranial Brand new in box. Full warranty.

Will ship worldwide, pay securely with Paypal. Major credit card accepted.

My best price US$4,600

For more detail, please email me at

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Medtronic Midas Rex EM200 Stylus Spinal Drill Set

Medtronic Midas Rex EM200 Stylus Spinal Drill Set. Complete, excellent working. 120 days money back warranty. We have 5 set in stock / 2 sold.

We got this equipment from bankrupt hospital, email me for further information at Our best price US$3,600

Will ship worldwide.



1. Medtronic EHS Console Model EC200
2. Medtronic EHS Foot Pedal for EC200
3. Medtronic EM200 Stylus Drill with OEM Connector
4. Yellow Cable to Connect Foot Pedal to EC200 Console
5. Three Attachments of your choice***
6. Midas Rex Sterilization Case
7. Power Cord

Attachments Available Shown Below

Medtronic TT15
Medtronic TT12
Medtronic TT15H
Medtronic TT18H
Medtronic F1-B5
Medtronic MC/ASMC
Medtronic AS21
Medtronic AA14S
Medtronic AS08
Medtronic F2-B1
Medtronic AT10A
Medtronic TT14A
Medtronic F3-S1
Medtronic AS10
Medtronic AS14
Medtronic AC16
Medtronic AS09
Medtronic AA075
Medtronic AS10S
Medtronic AS14S
Medtronic TT12C
Medtronic AT10
Medtronic AS09S

About the Attachments:

Small Bore Attachments
Accommodate Legend 2.4 mm diameter tools

Large Bore Attachments
Accommodate Legend 3.2 mm diameter tools

Angled Attachments
With a tapered design to facilitate surgical visibility

Telescoping Attachments
Tapered curved, straight, angled, and hooded options

Footed Attachments
Also referred to as craniotomes, footed attachments help provide protection for soft tissue when cutting through bone

Alcon CONSTELLATION Purepoint Laser

For more details, please check or email us Our best price US$55,000.00

This laser is turning out to be one of the best lasers for 532 wavelength on the market today. Super reliable, easy to maintain and easy to service.

The Alcon CONSTELLATION Vision System The latest generation of high speed vitrectomy machines, setting a new standard in High Speed Vitrectomy.
The unit features 5,000 cpm vitrectomy probe with duty cycle control, integrated pressurized infusion and IOP compensation, advanced xenon illumination and an embedded 532 nm laser.
Choosing the Constellation offers a new level of efficiency and performance.

Alcon Constellation Vision System XLT

*MFG 2012******In use for only 8 cases*****


*Articulating Arm and Tray

*Integrated Pure Point 532 Laser

*Primary and back up Xenon light source illumination

*Hi Speed 5,000 cpm vitrectomy probe

*Duty cycle control

*integrated Pressure infusion

Alcon-CONSTELLATION-Purepoint-Laser Alcon-CONSTELLATION-Purepoint-Laser-bAlcon-CONSTELLATION-Purepoint-Laser-c

Steris Amsco 3085SP Surgery Table


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Steris Amsco 3085SP Surgery Table

Product Description:

Steris Amsco 3085SP Surgery Table | Refurbished. The Amsco 3080SP surgical table is a modern surgical table with a 1,000 lb. weight capacity (in normal position). Features Include: Wired Hand Control, Battery Operations, Hydro-Electric Brakes and C-Arm Compatibility. These tables also include: Return to Level, North American Side Rails, and fit most accessories.

The Steris Amsco 3085SP is Completely Refurbished: Includes New Pad Set (2). The Steris Amsco 3080SP surgical table is a multi-purpose operating table and a great choice for almost any surgical settings. See below for more information.

C-Arm Compatible Table Top
Wired Hand Control
1,000 lb. Weight Capacity
Battery Operation
Hydraulic Floor Locks
Return to Level
North American Side Rails Fit Most Accessories
Includes New Pad Set (2″)

Positioning includes:

+/- Height
+/- Back
+/- Foot
+/- Tilt
+/- Trendelenburg
+/- Flex, and return-to-level