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Cynosure Picosure 2014 For Sale

Unprecedented innovation in laser technology
PicoSure® is the world’s first and only picosecond aesthetic laser for multiple aesthetic applications including tattoo removal, skin revitalization, acne scar treatment, removal of pigmented lesions and wrinkle treatment. This unparalleled breakthrough in laser technology delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second. Picosecond pulse width is 100 times shorter than nanosecond technology, enabling unmatched photomechanical impact for better clearance with fewer treatments and less fluence.

The world’s FIRST and ONLY picosecond laser for:
• Tattoo removal
• Skin revitalization
• Acne Scar Treatment
• Removal of pigmented lesions
• Wrinkle Treatment

Ship worldwide. Best Price US$52,900.00 Please make an offer.



Product Description

Cynosure Picosure  For Sale
Year: 2014
Make: Cynosure
Model: Picosure
Condition: Excellent
Shot Count: 27545

Lamp count 1065311

Category: Aesthetic Lasers Tattoo Removal

Cynosure Picosure
DOM: 2014
SN#: PICO04260000

Software release version V1.8

Additional Accessories:
• Power Cord
• Foot Pedal
• Key
• User Eyewear
• Patient Eyewear
• User Manual
• Treatment guide
• Laser Handpiece

Hoya Con Bio C6 2006 For Sale

Very perfect condition. 2006 Mfg. 90 days money back return policy.

2 year warranty for parts.

For mode details and quick order, please email me at

Ship worldwide. Best Price US$ 12,800.00


Product Description

Hoya Con Bio C6 For Sale

Year: 2006
Make: HOYA/ Con Bio
Model: C6
Condition: Refurbished
Shot Count: New Dye HP’S
Category: Aesthetic Lasers

Multi spot
Red dye
Gold dye

Foot Pedal
Power Cord
Operator Manual
Warning Sign
Drain Kit
(1)YAD Operator Eyewear
(1)Patient Eyewear

Astanza Duality Q-Switched Nd:YAG Tattoo Removal Laser 2014

The Astanza Duality is a professional-grade, workhorse tattoo removal system that delivers beautiful tattoo removal results.

Astanza is the leading name in tattoo removal lasers in the US, with a growing global presence. The Duality is their hallmark Q-switched Nd:YAG laser system and is trusted by leading medical spas, skin specialists, and tattoo removal clinics for its performance and power.

This 2014 Duality system is in like-new condition and features a rare, low pulse count for a refurbished system.

For more details, please email me at Our best price US$16,900

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Tatt2Away Tattoo Removal System

Tatt2Away Tattoo Removal System. Like New Condition.

Barely used, Tatt2Away Tattoo Removal System. Worldwide shipping.

Tatt2Away- Trans Epidermal Pigment Release System (Tattoo Removal System) Includes: Variable

Speed Tatt2Away Control Module, Adjustable Depth Handpiece, Syringe Pump, Operators Manual

Like New Condition. Excellent.

30 days money back return policy. 1 year warranty. Best price US$3,750

For quick order, please email me at



Tatt2Away Tattoo Removal System