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Carl Zeiss Stratus OCT III 3000 Tomographer w 7.0 Software, Table & Warranty

This Zeiss OCT III Stratus is in excellent refurbished condition! Ths unit comes with table, printer, monitor and a full warranty. Our OCTs are hand chosen and refurbished completely by a trained technician in house and operate to factory specifications. We offer clinical training, remote support, extended warranty and more.
***Updated with the newest 7.0 software***

The OCT-III Stratus is an imaging device that provides direct cross sectional images of the retina for objective measurement and subjective clinical evaluation.

-Use in glaucoma detection and retinal disease.

-Images and analyzes macular thickness.

-Instrument offers 3 diagnostic capabilities; Macula, RNFL, and Optic Nerve Head

These items look and function just like a brand new unit after undergoing our refurbishment process. Every item we sell is professionally shipped and packaged in a wooden crate with shock mounting to ensure that the item arrives to you safely.

For more details, please check or email us Our best price US$12,550.00