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FLAT PANEL Wireless DR X-Ray Direct radiology Digital Xray

The Best Deal on Wireless Flat Panel.
Flat Panel Detector Assembly GOS
Weight: 7.7 lbs
Carbon Fiber Construction
Pixel Matrix – 2304×2800
Cassette Sized
Lithium Ion Battery

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Acquisition workflow management
Streamline based workflow optimal for maximum throughput
Automatic setting of acquisition parameters according to body part and system specific programmable APRs (Anatomically Programmed Radiography)
One console operation – generator parameters setting by the workstation as part of APR (optional)
Patient data entry, manually or automatically from the DICOM worklist (MWL HL7 May be Required
Urgent patient registration
Preview image typically within 4-5 seconds after exposure
Exam specific image processing for optimized image quality
Automatic backup of operator accepted images.
Review & Processing
Patient review
Window/Level Reverse Black/White (Window polarity inversion)

Image rotation

Electronic zoom with pan & scroll capabilities
Magnifying glass
Multi-scale contrast enhancement and Dynamic Range
Electronic shutter for masking of image (cropping)
Multiformat display (for printing)
Screen display formats of 1,4,9,16 within a single frame
Automatic background filming
Optimized image processing parameters

DICOM Store: Interface to DICOM storage servers
DICOM HIS/RIS MWM: Interface to Hospital/Radiology Information System’s Modality Worklist including patient registration and study information

System Computer

Dell compatible tower workstation(T1700)
Intel Core I3-4130 Processor (Dual Core, 3.40GHz), 4 GB RAM
1TB Standard Hard Drive

PHILIPS Practix 2000 Portable X-Ray

PHILIPS Practix 2000 Portable X-Ray

We have in stock for Philips Practix 2000 Portable X-ray in perfect condition. 1996 Mfg, has been testing and all in good working.

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– Voltage 40 – 125 kV
– Lead batteries to ensure main current independant x-ray procedures
– Weight 490 kg

Fully working system
12 kW Generator, 0,1mAs to 325 mAs


flat panel DR X Ray Direct radiology

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The Most Portable Samsung DR Unit that is developed with a Flat Panel X-ray Detector. It provides you with highly superb image resolution through its 14″ X 17″ flat panel detector. Its portable size brings outstanding advantages. With its 3.8 kg weight and 15mm thickness, upgrading your conventional analogue equipment into digital is enabled. The specially designed grip is a consideration for providing ease in handling and transportation. The small and portable power box can be used with much convenience.
Images from the Samsung Flat Panel apiers in about 6 seconds. The software is designed to provide the doctors many different ways to view and manipulate the images. Stitching capabilities are standard with the DR Package. Many other products such as Fuji CR’s FCR view for example charge and additional $10,000 for this feature.

Seller accepts absolutely no responsibility for any or all consequences and/or losses caused by or through the use or misuse of any item(s) sold through my auctions and/or other sales to the purchaser and/or his agent(s). The safety of this and all item(s) and their compliance with all local, state and federal codes is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Offering on my auctions is an agreement to these terms.

The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not make an offer on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item.

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Optovue RTVue Fourier Domain HD OCT System w Table Printer & Warranty

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Optovue RTVue Fourier Domain HD OCT System w Table Printer & Warranty

The most comprehensive OCT

RTVue Fourier-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography System

As the first Fourier/spectral-doman OCT system in the US, the RTVue FD-OCT set the standard for high-speed, high-resolution tomography scanning. Allowing discrete layers of the retina, as well as the full choroid, to be visualized clinically for the first time, the 5 micron resolution images have ushered in a new era of retina pathology documentation and diagnostic imaging. Comparative studies have demonstrated that the system offers earlier detection of minute changes in pathology than time-domain based systems, allowing for earlier intervention and better outcomes for patients.

The RTVue system uses an IR “live view” alignment camera to allow for natural dilation of the patients pupil. Scans can be accomplished. The infra-red fundus image is acquired without a flash or visible light to irritate the patient’s eyes.

All captured scans are posted immediately for individual review prior to saving the data set. Due to the absence of constriction causing illumination at any phase of the capture session, repeat scans can be imaged immediately.

The system provides a number of advanced features, designed by OCT thought leaders, allowing clinician to explore new clinical methods.Veterinary-DR-Digital-Xray-System

Aribex Nomad Pro Hand-Held X-Ray System

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One NOMAD Pro does the work of multiple conventional x-ray systems, making it extremely economical. The leading technology of NOMAD Pro provides the highest level of safety, quality and patient care for your dental practice.
Entire unit weighs just slightly more than five pounds
Handheld and portable design moves from room to room, eliminating need for multiple units
Perfect for use with children and special needs patients
Ideal for clinical, hospital, home-health, nursing home, and out-of-office use
Includes one-year product warranty

Modern Radiation Shielding
The external backscatter shield and internal radiation shielding are specially designed to protect the operator from radiation exposure. In fact, the exposure from using the NOMAD Pro is less than 1% of allowed occupational doses.
Digital Sensors or Film
Whether you use the latest digital sensors, dental film, or phosphor plates, the NOMAD Pro will produce high-quality diagnostic images.
Long Battery Life
Hundreds of images can be obtained from one battery charge. The battery is incorporated into
the handle, which is easily removed for charging. A battery icon on the LCD screen displays current
battery levels and indicates when it needs to be charged. The NOMAD Pro system comes with two
battery handles and a charging cradle to always ensure a charged battery.