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Agilent 8453 HP G1103A Diode Array UV Vis Spectrophotometer

Agilent 8453 HP G1103A Diode Array UV Vis Spectrophotometer

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This Agilent 8453 HP G1103A Diode Array UV Vis Spectrophotometer has good cosmetic condition.

System consists of:
Agilent 8453 HP G1103A Diode Array UV Vis Spectrophotometer.
Standard power cord.

Configuration and Setup:
Beams: Single
Wavelength: 190 to 1100nm
Light Source: Deuterium Lamp or Tungsten Lamp
Wavelength Accuracy: 1nm

This Agilent 8453 HP G1103A was not configured or set up.

Agilent 1200 Series G1367C

Fully refurbished.

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2 year warranty for parts.

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The Agilent 1200 Series high performance autosampler SL is specifically designed for the Agilent 1200 Series Rapid Resolution system for increased analysis speed with uncompromised sensitivity, resolution, and precision. It can be upgraded from non-thermostatted to thermostatted version by adding the Agilent 1200 Series thermostat for ALS/FC/spotter.

Complete Agilent 1200  HPLC, comes with

Agilent 1200 G1312B

Agilent 1200 G1379B

Agilent 1200 G1316C

Agilent 1200 G1367C HiP-ALS SL autosampler

Agilent 1200 G1330B

Agilent 1200 G1315D ,

suitable software and PC


  • Increased pressure range enabling the use of today’s column technology (sub-two-micron columns) with the Agilent 1200 Rapid Resolution system.
  • High speed with lowest carry-over by flow through design.
  • Increased sample injection speed for high sample throughput.
  • Increased productivity by using overlapped injection mode.
  • Minimal delay volumes for rapid gradients and fast equilibration when bypassing the autosampler after sample injection.
  • Flexible and convenient sample handling with different types of sample containers, such as vials and well plates. Using 384-well plates allows you to process up to 768 samples unattended.
  • Peltier temperature control from 4 to 40° C for thermally-labile samples (upgrade from non-thermostted to thermostatted version possible).

Agilent 7820A GC GAS CHROMATOGRAPH G4350 w/Computer OpenLab for 7820 7890 7890A

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This unit was removed in good condition from a working Lab that has been closed down.  This was connected together with an Agilent 6890a and they used the 6890A Injector, that is why there is not an Injector with this unit.  I will be listing the 6890 GC soon.  This will also include a HP Z210 Workstation Computer w/OpenLAB ChemStation software. (You may have to use your own license with this software available through Agilent).

The Agilent 7820A GC provides simplified operation with the proven reliability expected from Agilent GC systems. This is an affordable, high-quality GC system for small to medium-sized labs that are concerned with routine analyses using standard GC methods. The 7820 was designed to maximize uptime, minimize maintenance and complexity, providing a quick return on your investment.

Simplified Operation
Instrument control and front panel designed for simplified routine analyses and minimizing training needs

Rigorous product testing to ensure a quality system is delivered to your laboratory

Application Fit
The Easy Choice for applications in food, environmental, forensic, materials, energy, and chemical applications


Unit’s Specifics
Make: Agilent
Model: 1100 Series G1315C DAD SL
Type: 80Hz Full-Spectral Ultra Fast LC/ HPLC
Note: You will receive the actual unit shown. Also comes with all components/ cables/ tubings/ accessories shown
This unit is used and is in overall good physical condition (except for some chemical stains on the front cover). The unit powers up successfully as shown and was pulled from a working HPLC system
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Agilent 6120 Quadrupole LCMS System

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The front end LC is optional and can be added to the system.

Agilent 6120 MSD
Edwards Vacuum Pump
Computer with the ChemStation


Agilent 1200 Series G13798 degasser
Agilent 1200 Series G1377A Micro WPS
Agilent 1200 Series G1330B FC / ALS Therm
Agilent 1200 Series pump G1376A Cap

The 6120 Series LC / MS System Agilent quadrupole is in excellent condition. The Agilent 6100 Series Quadrupole LC / MS systems (LC MS / LCMS / MSD LC / LC-MS) are the result of several generations of refinement quadrupole LC / MS. They offer unparalleled performance combined with proven durability and ease of use, and now have a footprint barely half the size of previous models. The 6110 and 6120 are outstanding for a wide range of applications and their reasonable price puts the power of mass spectrometry to the scope of other laboratories than ever. The four models in the Agilent 6100 Series integrate seamlessly with Agilent 1200 and 1100 Series LC modules. You control all the modules with the data system of the Agilent ChemStation, offering unprecedented levels of automation for reliable unattended operation and increased productivity. The 6100 series systems are the cornerstone of comprehensive LC / MS solutions. They are suitable for applications as diverse as identity confirmationfor combinatorial libraries of drug candidates through the quantification of insecticides and herbicides in water samples.
The system is configurable with the choice of ionization:

electrospray ionization (ESI) source to analyze large and small polar molecules.
Source chemical atmospheric pressure ionization (APCI) for analyzing a series of less polar and nonpolar molecules.
Multimode Source for Simultaneous ESI and APCI ionization, providing maximum coverage and a higher response rate.

The price may vary depending on the choice of the ion source.
System specifications:

Mass range m / z 10-1500
accurate mass: 0.13 ± u in the range of calibrated mass scanning mode of
stability of the mass axis: mass of the drift does not exceed the absolute value of more or u ± 0.1 ± 100 ppm from the mass measured over a period of 12 hours at a constant temperature ± 3 degrees centigrade
Scan Speed: 2500 u / s
SIM sensitivity: • ESI 400 ft / min or APCI to 1000 ft / min • monitoring of selected m / z 609.3 ion • 10 pg reserpine positive ions, 100:1 RMS (peak to 8:01 p.m. peak)
Scan Sensitivity: • ESI 400 ft / min or APCI to 1000 ft / min • scan range m / z 100-650 • Scan speed 2500 U / s • Extracted ion at m / z 609.3 • positive ionization
Acquisition of multiple signals: Ability to cycle through the four different acquisition modes on a basic scanning by a single pass.