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SAKURA TISSUE TEK VIP E300 Tissue Processor

6 month warranty. Excellent condition.

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This sale is for a floor standing Sakura Tissue Tek VIP E300 Tissue Processor.
The unit is complete except for a basket and we have reduced the price substantially for this reason.
Optimizing workflow with its versatile self-calculation delay mode, the VIP E300 processor tracks each step in the sequence, protecting your specimens and systems.
The Tissue-Tek VIP E300 Floor Tissue Processor is designed to be user friendly and preserve the ultimate safety of your specimens. The computer monitors the entire process to continuously maintain all parameters under virtually any circumstances, including a power failure.
The Tissue-Tek VIP processors combine four key elements to produce a better block: alternating pressure, vacuum, heat, and agitation. These elements are programmable in each of 10 reagent and 4 paraffin stations (14 state processing cycle. The Tissue-Tek VIP E300 floor processor also holds 300 cassettes and has an oven capacity of three 4-liter interchangeable paraffin reservoirs.
Total reagent reservoirs: Ten 4-liter reagent reservoirs, 2 cleaning reagent reservoirs and 1 fume filters. P/V Cycle Time: 30 seconds ambient, 90 seconds pressure, 30 seconds ambient, 90 seconds vacuum.
Dimensions: 19.7”W x 22.8”D x 52.8”H. Weight: 289lbs. Voltage: 100-115 VAC, 50-60hz or 220-240 VAC, 50hz.

The Sakura Tissue Tek VIP E300 stations offer faster fluid exchange for all tissue samples with its programmable controls. The effectively-positioned heater elements also have uniform reagent temperatures throughout the processing. The VIP E300 processor’s gentle tidal agitation ensures optimal reagent mixing while reducing tissue cross-contamination. Paraffin cleansing automatically degasses the paraffin inside the oven, taking out additional retort cleaning cycles.
The full-screen display of the Tissue Tek VIP E300 provides complete information in one look, and offers full system management with its comprehensive, easy-access control panel. The VIP E300’s basket design also offers upright placement of cassette specimens and fits all standard embedding consoles for better flexibility and convenience.