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Carestream Kodak RVG 5100 Sensor Size 1 Digital Radiography System dental X-Ray


Carestreem Kodak RVG 5100 Digital Radiography System

The Kodak RVG 5100 system lets you capture and analyze high quality digital radiographs quickly and easily. Like all Kodak Dental Imaging System, it is designed to give you superior results and it is backed up by Kodak expert support team. Specifications True Image Resolution 14 lines/mm Theoretical Image Resolution 27.03 lines/mm Sensor Super CMOS with Fiber Optics Connection USB-2 High Speed Outer Dimension 27.5mm x 37.7 mm Dimension of Active Area 22 x 30 mm Matrix Dimension 1200 x 1600.

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Kodak RVG 6500 Intraoral Wifi Sensor Size 1

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Kodak RVG 6500 is the first to offer Wi-Fi compatibility, and still offering the highest resolution of any intraoral sensor on the market. Providing up to 60% more resolution than similar products, the sensor’s fibre optic technology provides unmatched anatomical detail for the clearest, sharpest images you can imagine.


The KODAK RVG 6500 System features the latest innovations in digital radiography—while still delivering the highest image resolution (20 lp/mm). You can quickly align and capture film-quality images while reducing the risk of retakes with the revolutionary Intelligent Positioning System (IPS). You can even acquire and diagnose images on an iPad, without the need for extra monitors and rewiring. And, since it’s Wi-Fi enabled, you can also keep you operatories cable-free. The result: faster, better mobile performance with no loss in image quality. With a system this flexible and affordable, the RVG 6500 System is the ideal solution for even the most demanding applications.

Eliminate Retakes

The RVG 6500 System includes an optional ground-breaking Intelligent Positioning System (IPS) that lets you visually align the sensor placement with an intuitive, real-time display. With IPS, you can minimize the risk of retakes, cone cuts, and other common positioning mistakes by ensuring the tube head and sensor are properly aligned prior to taking a shot using the paralleling technique. In addition, IPS also serves as an ideal educational tool, instructing your team how to take consistently accurate images each and every time.
RVG 6500 System’s Sensor Features
Size 0
Size 1
Size 2
True Image Resolution    
15 lp/mm
Greater than 20 lp/mm
Greater than 20 lp/mm
Pixel Size    
18.5 µm
18.5 µm
18.5 µm
Outside Dimensions    
22.2 x 30.8 mm
27.5 x 37.7 mm
32.2 x 44.1 mm
Dimensions of Active Area    
17 x 22 mm
22 x 30 mm
27 x 36 mm
Matrix Dimensions (Pixels)    
900 x 1200 pixels
1200 x 1600 pixels
1440 x 1920 pixels
Battery Life       
Approx. 180 shots
Control Box Dimensions       
Non-IPS: 83 (H) x 47 (W) x 16 (D) mm 
With IPS: 83 (H) x 47 (W) x 21 (D) mm
Wireless Technology       
Wi-Fi 8012-11g

Redefining mobility

The Kodak RVG 6500 sensor not only works with a standard PC, but is also compatible with the iPod touch and iPhone for enhanced portability. Available from Apple’s App Store, the RVG mobile application transforms any iPod touch or iPhone into a fully-functional communication and review tool. Operators can easily acquire, view, adjust, and store images on their iPod or iPhone and then transfer them to a computer for diagnostic review and archiving.*

Kodak RVG 6500

A positioning tool that thinks for you

Accurate positioning is the key to high-quality images. That’s why the Kodak RVG 6500 system features an exclusive Intelligent Positioning System (IPS) to help ensure the x-ray beam and sensor are accurately aligned and angulated. By visually guiding the user, IPS enables quick positioning, and notifies you once proper alignment is achieved. It’s the easiest way to ensure top-quality images and reduce the risk of retakes and common positioning errors.

Benefits of the RVG 6500 system include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity for faster and more secure image transfer
  • Sensors available in three sizes**
  • Rounded corners ensure maximum patient comfort
  • Robust design features a cable attachment on back of sensor