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NEUROVIRTUAL – BWII and BWIII Polysomnograhy(PSG) and EEG systems For Sale

Neurovirtual is a manufacturer of EEG and PSG systems and combination of these systems from USA.

BW II is very effective and compact system, with 29 channels. It is compliant with AASM criterias.

We have 3 pcs of BW II and 1 pcs BW III PSG & EEG combination systems including Synchronized Video and all related software.

BW III system has SONY IPela video camera with 10X optic zoom and remote pan/tilt/zoom.

They all have all accessories and sensors fucntioning.

Unit pricing for each BW II PSG is 5.000,00 $ (USD)

Unit pricing for BW III EEG & PSG is 12.000,00 $ (USD) including SONY IPela camera and photic stimulator.

For more details and quick order, please email me at sales@bastmed.com

Neurovirtual / Sleep Virtual AASM Compliant Diagnostic Sleep System (Type 1)

Brand new AASM compliant Type I 29 channel Neurovirtual / Sleepvirtual sleep diagnostic  systems with their own operating software (adult, pediatric, nap study). Systems include all sensors to perform a Type I sleep study.  Systems have incorporated Nonin pulse oximetry and impedance that can be checked through the acquisition software.  The workstation (PC) to operate the system is not included.

Will ship worldwide. Full warranty. For more details and quick order, please email me at sales@bastmed.com Best Price US$7,250